Cyber Warfare Strategy Competition

Cyber Warfare Strategy Competition

Graduate students in City University of Seattle’s Technology Institute participated in a three-day cyber warfare simulation against students from Bellevue College in May.

The brainchild of Dr. Erik Fretheim, and inspired by the Pacific Rim Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, this is the second such exercise in the last year. Students in the competition were urged to think strategically about Cyber Warfare, and to employ concepts learned during class in an active environment.

Participants were randomly assigned a particular country on either side of the conflict, and were given a specific set of restrictions. They also received individualized, strategic goals – some students protected data, while others attempted to obtain it through force.

The teams had six weeks to prepare. Students studied their countries and prepared a playbook based on documented capabilities of their opponents.

“We wanted to give our graduate students the ability to approach their cyber security studies strategically,” Dr. Fretheim said.

Bellevue College bested CityU in this exercise, but Dr. Fretheim is already planning the next event for the fall. In 2013, the CityU team defeated their opponents from the University of Washington.

“Participating in the Cyber War Strategic Exercise will be the highlight of my academic career,” said Verly White, student in the program. “Taking part in a professionally developed exercise, competing against other cyber security professionals gave me an opportunity to put what I have been reading and writing about into real world perspective.”

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Published June 23, 2014



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