First-generation college student pursues career in healthcare administration

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City University of Seattle student Eliza Janica loves helping others, and it was that passion for service that motivated her to pursue a career in healthcare administration.

“I’ve always been interested in helping people,” Eliza said. “When you have a desire to help others, healthcare is a great field to go into.”

She is currently working at a Veterans Affairs hospital gaining entry-level experience while she pursues a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration.

“I’m interested in becoming a health system specialist, but you need a master’s degree to acquire that position, so that’s why I’m pursuing it,” Eliza said. “[At my job] I can talk to other people already working in that sector and gain knowledge as I move along.”

Since she already has a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration, she sees the advanced degree as a way to open doors into more senior roles.

“My experience has been challenging, but rewarding at the same time,” Eliza said. “I’m the first person in my family to go to college and earn a degree. It makes me feel proud of myself to achieve such a major milestone in my life, and it allows me to be a good role model for other people.”

Studying healthcare administration at CityU

Eliza Janica
Eliza Janica

Eliza initially transferred to City University of Seattle to finish her bachelor’s degree after she relocated to the Seattle area from Massachusetts.

“I was doing research for schools in Washington state and CityU came up.” Eliza said. “People were readily available to answer my questions, whereas with some other schools it was difficult to get a response. I like CityU because it’s not overly crowded and you can have more personal interactions.”

That responsiveness she encountered at the beginning of her academic journey has been consistent throughout her experience.

“Being in a smaller environment helps you learn more about your peers and classmates,” Eliza said. “Professors are quick to respond if you have a question; sometimes I’ll get responses within the hour. Other schools I’ve attended, you don’t hear from the teacher, which makes things difficult when you really need help.”

She says Christine Malone, professor and academic program director for healthcare administration, has been particularly supportive.

“There was one time when I was hospitalized and she gave me additional time to complete any missed assignments,” Eliza said. “Her understanding and responsiveness has been a great help.”

As she advances in her studies, Eliza looks forward to exploring new aspects of the healthcare administration field.

“I’m interested in developing methods, techniques and procedures that will accomplish the mission of a total healthcare facility sanitation program” Eliza said. “The class discussions allow you to really think about important issues such as administrative supervision and resolving individual or group grievances.”

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Published May 21, 2018



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