Student Profile: Jody Bockheim, M.Ed. in Adult Learning Candidate

Student Profile: Jody Bockheim, M.Ed. in Adult Learning Candidate

Written By Dr. Rebecca Cory

Jody Bockheim is a student in the Master of Education in Adult Learning program.  She’s new to the area, having moved here from Chicago when her spouse took a job in Seattle. Prior to coming to CityU she was homeschooling her children, working as an adjunct at a local community college, and volunteering at a homeless shelter.  When the family moved to Seattle, she knew it was time for a transition.  She knew she needed to find a school that had a flexible schedule; classes that balance theory and practical knowledge; and could offer the experience she needed in today’s global market.  She felt that the CityU Masters of Education in Adult Learning was the right match.  She says:

Becoming a student at CityU has really marked a turning point in my life. While I love focusing on my roles as a wife and mother, there are other dreams that I need to accomplish and CityU has opened those doors for me”.

Jody loves Math Education and hopes, when she is done with her program, to find a position where she can work to “heal adults from their frustration and confusion with mathematics”.  She talks with passion about math, seeing it as a system for problem solving and an important part of daily functioning.  She would like to create a system of math education for adults that promotes them feeling safe and comfortable with math, and lets them use math as a tool.

Jody is about one year into her program at CityU and loves it.  She says:

“I have found the instructors in the education department to inspirational, dedicated, professional and knowledgeable.  In every class, the teachers have been able to balance the academic rigor with their experiences and passions. From adapting assignments to get us to examine a topic from a different view, to offering clarity when we don’t get it, to allowing students to challenge the material so we can better define our own views.  The instructors understand education and how to help the student’s get the most out of their education.  I feel like I have been pushed to examine ideas in a way that I have never had to before and yet, there have been times when I was given the space to not dive deeper into every topic.  This is the rigorous academic experience that only an accredited nonprofit university can offer and the flexibility that I need.”

She would recommend the program to other students and advise them to find mentors in the program.  She also says she would advise others to:

“Learn from the students in your classes. This program gives you the space and knowledge to define who you are as a teacher, strengthen your ideas, and challenge your current beliefs on education”.

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Published May 7, 2014



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