Student Profile: Tim Yore, Administrator Certification

Student Profile: Tim Yore, Administrator Certification

After he and his wife got their master’s degrees together, and started work in the Kelso School District around the same time, it made sense that Tim Yore enroll at CityU for his Administrator Certification after his wife Kim graduated from the program a year before. At the time, Tim was working as a dean of students and an instructional coach, but in 2014 he had the opportunity to fill in for a retiring principal. His new position led him to continue his degree at CityU.

“I was excited to have the opportunity to step into more of a leadership role,” Tim remembered. “Being principal allows me to have an impact of all of the students at my school.”

Now, as principal of Beacon Hill Elementary and a CityU student, Tim said he appreciates the program’s distance learning model, and the ability to complete schoolwork on nights and weekends. He said the high number of required internship hours made the CityU program stand apart from others in the area.

“The best learning happens on the job, so that was something I appreciated,” Tim said. And, he added, “The wealth of experience in the instructors is second to none.”

Here’s the rest of our conversation with Tim:

City University of Seattle (CU): Can you tell us a little more about your background?

Beacon Hill Elementary

Tim Yore (TY): I grew up on a farm and ranch in Southern Idaho, and began my teaching career in the Kelso School District in 1998. I taught grades 4, 5, and 6, and most recently, worked as the Dean of Students at Beacon Elementary. I have an 8-year-old son that I love hanging out with, and my wife is also  principal in the Kelso School District and a recent graduate of CityU.

CU: What has your experience at CityU been like?

TY: I enjoyed my classes at CityU. Everyone was very supportive and helpful. Faculty members Ken Schmauder, Marge Chow and Daria Lall have made my transition back to school very fluid.

CU: What do you expect will be your most difficult challenge to overcome in your new role as principal?

TY: My biggest challenge will be learning the little things that go into the job. As we continue to implement CCSS and TPEP within our district, I’ll be challenged to prioritize items so that staff members’ time is valued. At Beacon Hill, we have an amazing certified and classified staff. We believe in working together collaboratively to provide the best education possible for students who attend our school.


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Published January 31, 2015



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