Student Profile: Peiwen Ji, MBA

Student Profile: Peiwen Ji, MBA

Arriving from Beijing, China, Peiwen Ji is a recent transplant to the Great Northwest, and a student in City University of Seattle’s School of Management program. She’s is working on earning her MBA, and also interning with a medical company in Seattle. School and work don’t leave her a lot of extra time in the week, but she graciously agreed to sit down with us to discuss her move to Washington, the great experiences she’s had in the School of Management, and her thoughts on CityU.

City University of Seattle (CU): Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? What do you like to do outside of school? What did you do before you started attending CityU?

MBA, school of management, business, page, highlighter, textPeiwen Ji (PJ): I’m currently attending an internship with a mid-size medical company in the Seattle area. I find that the critical thinking skills I develop at school have been invaluable at work. Besides attending my classes and internship, I like to spend time with my friends exploring the great Northwest.

Before attending CityU, I attended college in Beijing for my BA degree in Management while taking care of my family. I truly feel that the culmination of these experiences has made me a better person and will allow me to meet whatever life challenges come my way.

CU: What made you decide to enroll at CityU?

PJ: When I researched the various educational options in the United States, I found that messaging on CityU’s website really resonated with me, and my values as a young Chinese woman. It was apparent that the faculty and staff were not only knowledgeable and competent; they showed that they cared for the students. As a student entering into a graduate program and leaving my home country, I was quite apprehensive and felt my confidence wavering. However, when I communicated with the admissions department they did a phenomenal job of easing my concerns and making me feel comfortable with the transition into a new school in a new country. I must say I have been here over just one year and I am extremely happy with my decision.

CU: What a huge move for you to make! What’s your experience been like so far in the School of Management?

PJ: I have found CityU’s School of Management program to be both stimulating and thought provoking. I especially enjoyed the close interaction with the faculty and staff. They have made my transition in America to be nearly seamless. I believe all the essays and group projects truly helped me to apply all that I have learned. My time spent here at the university has been invaluable.

CU: Has there been something you’ve been very impressed with at CityU?

PJ: The thing that impressed me the most was when I began attending CityU, I was having some difficulty with researching topics for my essays and I met a very kind librarian who took the time to help me. She went over and beyond the call of duty to ensure I had the resources available to finish my paper. I was so impressed with her kindness I will never forget how she made me feel that day.  

CU: Our Library staff are pretty great! So, what are you plans after you graduate?

PJ: Since I just start my internship this quarter, after graduation, I will keep working in my current company to explore myself more and to find out which area I’m interested in, and also which area I’m good at. I will also develop my own abilities to meet the need of real business and transfer my position from a student to a business person.

CU: Do you have any advice for students considering enrolling in the School of Management?

PJ: I would tell them that when choosing a school, you must consider all options and make your final decision based on how well the school will meet your personal needs. For me, it was very important to attend a college where the faculty and staff were committed to my success and took a personal interest in my journey. I must say the school has not let me down and has done a great job in supporting me as a MBA student new to America.

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Published July 23, 2014



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