Student Profile: Michael Sterba – Bachelor of Arts in Management

Student Profile: Michael Sterba – Bachelor of Arts in Management

Sterba 1We had the opportunity to speak with Michael Sterba, a student in CityU’s innovative Bachelor of Arts in Management program. Michael found our Performance Based Model to be an excellent fit with his 35 years of professional experience.

Here is what he had to say when we asked him a few things about CityU:

Q: Tell us a little about yourself – where do you work and what brought you to City University of Seattle?

I am currently an Employee Development Specialist (Instructor) with over 35 years of advanced domain expertise in both commercial and military avionics and aircraft systems. My current tasking provides leadership as an Operational Excellence Integrator leading organizational application of business solutions. In addition, my leadership and technical expertise is externally recognized as an Assistant Director, Technical Specialist and Volunteer Examiner, American Radio Relay League (ARRL). I provide technical awareness, guidance and mentoring towards licensed radio operators throughout Western Washington and beyond.

What attracted me to City University as a personal development agent was the diversity of learning approaches available. It can be extremely difficult to have equilibrium supporting work, life and school balance. I have been able to leverage different course delivery solutions to best keep balance toward enhancing my knowledge and skills.

Q: Why were you drawn to CityU’s Management Program?

City University’s Management Program recognizes life long experience as part of adult learning. We gain application and knowledge through our daily lives which can be leveraged and measured. Coupling this with a diversified course delivery approach allows for learning in areas that need enhancement while refreshing knowledge previously gained.

Q: What made this program different from others you looked at?

There were other institutions who had similar approach toward a management degree but appear to lack a flexible delivery solution. CityU offered a selection between an in-person or virtual class that provided for a blended approach that matched my busy lifestyle.

Q: How has this program helped you in your career so far?

I’m a year plus into the program and have discovered gaps in understanding that lead to areas of learning. I’m able to better balance understanding by approaching an augment from differing perspectives and then applying them to a working result.  This has been key to my current professional tasking in which business climate is dynamically changing.

 Q: What has been your favorite course, why?

As silly as this may seem, Math was my first and favorite course. This is an area of ease for myself and the Professor had a passion for the topic area. His excitement translated into a great introductory experience into higher learning.

Q: Is there anything you are taking away from your experience so far that is surprising to you?

Learning is a personal adventure in which each has a different route based on prior lifelong experiences. For myself, walking this path has opened the realization of what I have learned exponentially up to this point. The Management program has reinforced understanding while fortifying those foundations experienced.

An additional spotlight has been the supporting staff. They are the unsung heroes that have made each success easier and more fulfilling. Their positive approach has fostered trusting relationships which I can leverage when I’m not understanding intent or direction.

Q: Was getting a bachelor’s degree yours? If it was, tell us more about that and how this unique program helped you achieve this goal.

My personal goal was to enhance myself through broadening my experiences. Professionally it is to open unforeseen future opportunities with credentials that back my experiences. CityU’s course portfolio has allowed for achieving elements of these as I move through the program.

Q: Who do you think this delivery mode – performance-based – is good for? Everyone or just a few? If just a few, who are they?

Performance based learning is a great opportunity to leverage knowledge and skills gained though lifelong experiences. It really isn’t constructed as a one size fits all solution but a set of opportunities to demonstrate prior learning. My professional portfolio contains 35 years of experience which can be translated into measurable elements. If an individual has a breadth and depth of understanding, then this solution is for them.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

I have had some rough patches as I had proceeded through the classes and to not mention them would be an error. The supporting staff have been there to provide guidance and recommendations which allowed for me to successfully proceed with confidence. As positive as I have reflected above, this has not been a casual walk through a park. There is much time expended to meet and exceed the course requirements and each person taking this path must recognize the commitment needed to achieve the end goal. I personally believe I will receive a return in this investment as long as I’m willing to positively commit toward the goal established.

Thanks for speaking with us Michael!


Published December 17, 2015



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