Student Profile: Laura Carrillo de Anda

Student Profile: Laura Carrillo de Anda

Laura Carrillo de Anda is an international student from Guadalajara, Mexico pursuing a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Leadership.

She chose City University of Seattle (CityU) because she appreciates the international profile of CityU and the relationship between CETYS University and CityU. Carrillo also values the content of the doctoral program, the support that CityU provides, and last, but not least, the beautiful city of Seattle.

She recently became a U.S. citizen and now has dual citizenship in the U.S. and Mexico and she is currently helping with some an election campaign for one of the candidates for governor for Baja, California.

This doctoral program is Carrillo’s first experience in an online learning environment, and she is discovering many opportunities to display critical thinking, enhance communication skills, and learn from fellow students. “I am creating my own library references, becoming more sophisticated in my writing style, and developing the skill to “meet” my cohort and instructors online,” Carrillo said.

One of Carrillo’s goals is to perform in a leadership capacity in global higher education. She believes CityU is providing her with the foundational support for professional development to help her achieve this goal.

Kelly Flores, Doctoral Program Director, believes “one of the many reasons Laura is achieving success in this program is because of her commitment to continuous improvement. She embraces feedback from instructors, makes necessary improvements immediately, and uses this feedback as a springboard for ongoing growth in her academic writing. Laura demonstrates key leadership competencies such as humility, strategic execution, and cultural intelligence. She is highly respected by her peers because of her genuine inquiry, integration of scholarly research, and willingness to expand her perspectives as she gains new information.”

“I am happy that CityU has become my new international home,” Carrillo said.

Published April 11, 2013



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