Alumni Profile: Kylie Looper – Master of Science in Project Management

Alumni Profile: Kylie Looper – Master of Science in Project Management

Kylie Looper

We had the pleasure of talking to Kylie Looper, an alumni of CityU’s Master of Science in Project Management . Kylie is a mother of a two year old daughter and as a result of this degree program, she secured a new job and works as a project management consultant in Seattle. According to Kylie, this degree program changed her life.

Here is what we heard from Kylie about her experience at CityU:

Q: Tell us a little about yourself – where do you work and what brought you to City University of Seattle?

I am 28 years old and the single mother to a beautiful 2 year old daughter, Evelyn (or Evie). I work for a consulting firm in Seattle called Piraeus Consulting as a project manager for a contracting office. I started at City University of Seattle for my master’s degree in Project Management.

Q: Why were you drawn to CityU’s Project Management Program?

I started looking at getting my master’s degree when my daughter was about 3-4 months old. My current job was great, but I couldn’t pay my bills and to say I was struggling would be an understatement. I was interested in project management but honestly didn’t know that much about it. After researching, I knew I wanted a program that taught PMI methods. CityU matched that criteria for me. Furthermore, it was entirely online, which was perfect since I needed to work full-time and didn’t have money for a babysitter when I went to work and class.

Q: What made this program different from others you looked at?

This program was the only program that was PMI certified, and the class hours counted towards hours for the CAPM and PMP certifications. These were major attributes of the program, as getting certified was a goal of mine.

Q: How has this program helped you in your career so far?

This program has taught me so much. With much of the program being project based, as opposed to relying heavily on exams, it’s more “hands on” learning than memorization. Only 3 months after starting, I got my first position as a project manager. Now, I am able to use the skills I’ve learned in my career and have become more confident in my ability to do my job. After a year of being in the program, I was offered a job as a project manager consultant that has completely changed my life.

Q: What has been your favorite course, why?

I have really enjoyed the capstone classes. I was able to choose what type of project I wanted to research and could really personalize it to what I wanted to do in the real world. I learned so much from all the professor’s feedback and then the final presentation I got feedback from experts, which is priceless.

Q: Is there anything you are taking away from your experience so far that is surprising to you?

I am taking away so much! I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I have more dedication than I thought I had. I finished the program in less than 2 years and took 3 courses at a time, all while working full-time. I gave up a lot to finish my degree and sometimes thought I was crazy for doing this when I had a baby so young. But I did it!

Q: Was getting a master’s degree a goal of yours? If it was, tell us more about that and how this unique program helped you achieve this goal.

When I finished my bachelor’s degree, I always thought I’d go back to school…but I thought it would be for teaching. After my daughter was born, I realized that teaching, while something I loved, would not pay enough to provide the kind of life I wanted for my daughter. Before this program, I was making $20K a year and wouldn’t have survived without the support from my family. When I found this program, I started seeing my dreams come true. First, I got a job where I wasn’t always living paycheck to paycheck. I paid off debt that had been accumulating. And most recently, I became a homeowner last month! And I did it on my own – that is something I’m immensely proud of!

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

I finished my bachelor’s degree online so I have experience with online classes. CityU has some of the best professors I’ve had the pleasure of working with! They are responsive, effective and experts in their fields. Aside from great experiences with professors, my advisor Melissa is supportive, encouraging, and helped me when I was feeling stressed out! It was an all-around great experience.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Kylie!

City University of Seattle offers the only project management master’s degree in the Northwest that is globally accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® and available fully online. If you are interested in furthering your career, email one of our advisors at

Published December 10, 2015



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