Student Profile: Fay Andersson, Business Owner and MBA Graduate

1a13950 (1)We had the opportunity to catch up with Fay Andersson, founder and owner of Louie de Coton and graduate of CityU. Here is what she had to say about how her degree at CityU helped her as a business owner…

When did you graduate from CityU?

I graduated in 2003 from City University of Seattle with an MBA in Information Systems.

What did you like about CityU?

I liked CityU for many reasons: small classes, which played a key role in our MBA group activities and discussions; professional instructors that were working in large companies; very conveniently located campuses, like the Bellevue campus; and a great computer lab.

You opened a new business: what is it called and where can people find it physically and on the web?

Yes! My business is Louie de Coton. This business is high-performance designer dog products, which are professionally hand crafted in Seattle. My business was established in 2013 and can be found at Our products are available online and throughout a few high-end pet boutiques like Boo Boo Barkery in Kirkland, Washington.

How has your degree at CityU helped you in opening your own business?

My education has been the most valuable investment of my life. My MBA equipped me with excellent, well-rounded knowledge and exposure to the business world. The real business cases that we evaluated for success/failure rates, and their various company mistakes has been very important in my decision making today. I’m so grateful for CityU, for providing such valuable course content.

Thank you for your time Fay and best of luck to you on your business ventures!

If you want to learn more about CityU’s MBA program, go here.


Published September 24, 2015



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