Student Profile: Christine McDaniel, Administrator Certification

Student Profile: Christine McDaniel, Administrator Certification

Christine McDaniel grew up in Kelso, taught in the Kelso School District and later worked at Kelso High School as an instructional coach, so it seemed like a natural fit for her to be named principal of Barnes Elementary School in Kelso. CityU’s Administrator Certification allowed her to accept that position. Currently in her final quarter at CityU, Christine said she was impressed by the relevant and applicable curriculum, and the flexibility of the program. This June she’ll graduate with the rest of the Class of 2015. Congratulations!

City University of Seattle (CU): Can you tell us a little more about yourself?

Christine-McDanielChristine McDaniel (CM): I reside in Kelso, WA where I, my husband and our three sons all attended school. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master in Teaching from Washington State University. I have taught grades K-12 in the Kelso School District for the past 18 years, as well as served as an instructional coach at the high school and district level.

CU: Why did you decide to enroll in the administrator certification program?

CM: I decided to enroll in the administrator certificate program when my colleague, Tim Yore, was hired as an elementary principal on an emergency admin certificate and needed to complete the certificate program ASAP. This seemed like a great opportunity to go through the program with a friend and peer. In addition, CityU was highly recommended by Tim’s wife who had recently received her administrator certificate and was very pleased with the program.

CU: How will this certificate help further your professional goals?

CM: This certificate will allow me to accept the position of principal at Barnes Elementary in Kelso, WA, which will certainly help further my career ambitions.

CU: Would you encourage others to get their administrator certification at CityU? Any advice for them?

CM: I would recommend CityU to anyone interested in obtaining an administrator and/or programs certificate. The instructors at CityU were flexible, knowledgeable and realistic with regards to the expectations of future administrators.

CU: Was there anything about CityU or the certificate program that you particularly appreciated or enjoyed?

CM: City University was very accommodating with regards to our timeline for certification and allowed us to complete our internship while attending classes. Neither I nor Tim could have finished without this accommodation, as we both had principal positions on the line.

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Published May 25, 2015



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