Student Profile: Christa Rubadue, Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Student Profile: Christa Rubadue, Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Christa Rubadue is gearing up for graduation this month and is planning to use her Bachelor of Science in Information Systems to pursue a career in software/development. Not only did CityU’s flexibility and online courses allow Christa to finish up her degree while keeping her day job, but she also discovered a new passion for developing mobile applications. Congrats to Christa for all her hard work – along with the rest of CityU’s Class of 2015!

City University of Seattle (CU): Can you tell us a little more about yourself? What’s your professional background?

Christa-RubadueChrista Rubadue (CR): I was born near Boston, but grew up in the Vancouver, WA area. Before attending CityU, I obtained my associate degree from Clark College. At that time I started to work full time at a school district as a para-educator. Since then, I have been attending CityU working either full time or part time. Being a wife and a mother, my family has been very supportive of me during this process.

CU: How did you find out about CityU?

CR: When I was working as a para-educator, a few teachers mentioned they had graduated from CityU. Everyone said they enjoyed their experience and would recommended it to anyone who is still working full time or needs flexibility.

CU: Why did you decide to enroll in the bachelor’s in information systems?

CR: When it was time for me to choose a school to complete my bachelor’s degree, I choose CityU because they offered many programs online. I chose to study information systems because I knew it would open doors for me after graduation and help further my career. As an added bonus, the program is now accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.

CU: What did you learn, and how will this degree help further your professional goals?

CR: I learned many skills while attending CityU. The skills that will help me the most are: database design, web design, C++/C# programming, and project management. All these skill will help put me on the right career path.

CU: Would you encourage others to study information systems at CityU? Any advice for them?

CR: Yes, I would encourage others to study information systems at CityU. Employment is projected to keep growing in the information system field. The advice I have for future students is to connect with other students in your class who are often great resources. Keep in touch! Even when a class is over and they are no longer in your current course, you can still bounce around ideas and ask them questions. I have found some great resources and made some great friends during my time at CityU.

CU: Was there anything about CityU or the degree program in particular that you appreciated?

CR: What I appreciated most about CityU was the support from my adviser and the program director during my time in school. I also appreciated the flexible schedules.

CU: Are you planning to apply for jobs after you graduate? Where do you want to end up?

CR: I am currently in the process of apply for jobs right now. So far the process has been going great! After graduation on June 20, I plan to pursue a career in software/development. However after creating the Washington State Mobile Catch Card in our capstone class, I have found a passion for developing mobile applications.


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Published June 1, 2015



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