Student Profile: Cherry Leung

Student Profile: Cherry Leung

Major in Business Administration, with an emphasis in General Management

  1. Please tell us two or three things about yourself such as your academic or work experience and/or any other achievements you would like to share.

Prior to joining City University of Seattle, I studied and worked in four different countries, including Hong Kong, United Kingdom, New Zealand and the U.S. I really enjoy American education system where it focuses heavily on creative and critical thinking.

2.  Has there been something you’ve been very impressed with at CityU?

I have been very impressed with the practicality of CityU classes. Instructors are all experts that have worked in their field for many years. It is refreshing to hear them sharing real life experiences at work place while demonstrating academic theories.

     3. What is the biggest takeaway for you from the BSBA Program?

Through case studies and team projects, I have learned essential team building, organizational, communication; analytic and presentation skills. I believe these valuable lessons will widely benefit my future career.  It is truly a wonderful learning experience to be in classroom with students from all over the world, class discussions are always filled with rich cultural diversity and dynamic interactions.


Published March 22, 2016



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