Student Profile: Brian Nitz, Professional in HR Exam Prep Course

Student Profile: Brian Nitz, Professional in HR Exam Prep Course

As a recruiter, Brian Nitz needs to be a jack-of-all-trades to coordinate clients and potential employees. Human Resources is a key component for his position, so to become an HR subject matter expert he enrolled in CityU’s Professional in Human Resources exam prep course to develop his skills.

City University of Seattle (CU): Can you tell us a little more about yourself? Where are you from? What do you do professionally?

Brian-NitzBrian Nitz (BN): I am originally from Chicago, but I have lived in Seattle for the past four years. I am currently a corporate technical recruiter hunting down everything from software developers to sales people. In the past, I have done recruiting for a boutique agency and before that I worked in healthcare recruiting.

CU: How did you find out about CityU?

BN: I actually discovered CityU when I was searching for an introduction course about Human Resources. I was initially looking for an HR 101 type of course, but saw CityU’s Professional in Human Resources exam prep course and did some more research on CityU. I was impressed with the depth the course offered over a 12-week timeframe!

CU: Why did you decide to enroll in this prep course?

BN: My role at work started to encompass pieces of Human Resources and I wanted to gauge what I knew and did not know about the field, so I could become a subject matter expert for my company.

CU: What did you learn, and how has this exam helped you further your professional goals?

BN: I learned so much about HR, from employment law to succession planning. The course identified what would be the best areas to focus on if I were taking the PHR certification exam. For me personally though, I learned about things that would help me formulate a sound recruiting and on-boarding process for my company.

CU: Would you encourage others in your field to take this exam prep course through CityU?

BN: I definitely would. Whether your intent is to work toward the Professional in Human Resources Certification or to get an overview of all things HR, this course is great. My professor was Larry Frazier and his practical approach to all the subjects was refreshing. His vast knowledge and real world experience made the course extremely interesting and easy to digest.

CU: Was there anything about CityU in particular that you appreciated?

BN: I appreciated CityU’s flexibility. From the very first class, students were told (even encouraged) to utilize both the afternoon and evening course sessions to best fit personal schedules. It was great to know CityU understands their students are adult learners with busy lives. CityU compliments your life and allows you to learn on a schedule that is convenient for you!

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Published August 25, 2015



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