Student Profile: Brian Lowe, Master’s in Leadership

Student Profile: Brian Lowe, Master’s in Leadership

City University Master of Arts in Leadership student Brian Lowe was recently selected as the College of Arts and Humanities Department of English Alumni of the Year at Central Washington University (CWU).  The ceremony will be held on Monday, May 12 at CWU.  Brian graduated from CWU in 1995 with a B.A. in English and a B.A. in History .  As CWU and other universities work to change perceptions about the value of college degrees in the Arts and Humanities, Brian’s career track supports their belief that students rooted in these disciplines are well prepared for careers in many fields. He reflected:

English literature is a love and a passion of mine.  I knew that the learning was providing me needed critical thinking skills along with awareness and knowledge that helped to develop my people skills.

In his professional life, Brian is a Vice President and Project Consultant at Bank of America.  His alumnus of the year award was announced shortly after receiving an annual top performer award from the Retail Banking and Distribution division at Bank of America for his contributions in 2013.  Brian stated:

Receiving this [the top performer] award is an honor… I attribute much of my success to my supervisors who have recognized my own leadership skills. They allowed me creative license, providing me the opportunity to add value to positions I’ve held while also letting me create and develop teams that supported my interpretation of the organization’s vision.

Brian’s career at Bank of America includes five years in the sales, service, and investment contact centers where he worked as a Customer Service Representative, Team Manager, Regional Quality Optimization Manager, and Communications Specialist.  He then spent five years in retail banking as a Senior Personal Banker, Assistant Manager, Banking Center Manager, and Market Operations Consultant.  In 2007, he transitioned to the newly formed Resource Management department as a Workforce Scheduler, received a promotion to Operations Manager where he led workforce scheduling for the West Region, and now works as a Project Consultant supporting national Resource Management related projects.

Brian is in the last quarter of the M.A. in Leadership program at City University of Seattle.  His future plans include pursuing his Ed. D. in Organizational Leadership at CityU and he aspires to be an associate faculty as a college instructor.  His education at CWU and CityU of Seattle has been instrumental in his career and personal journey.

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Gregory Price is an Assistant Professor at City University of Seattle and co-owner of a 26 year old, Seattle-based, publishing company, Price Media, Inc.

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Published April 21, 2014



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