Student Profile: April Bobadilla, Master in Teaching

Student Profile: April Bobadilla, Master in Teaching

Originally drawn toward social work, April Bobadilla found her niche at a behavioral school working with intermediate school kids. While she was happy with her job, April knew she also wanted to have a role in shaping her students’ education. CityU’s Master in Teaching program was the answer. Already a year into the program, she said she appreciates the flexibility of the online courses and CityU’s professors who bring years of professional experience to the classroom.

Bobadilla_HeadshotCity University of Seattle (CU): Can you tell us a little more about yourself? Where do you work and what did you do before enrolling at CityU?

April Bobadilla (AB): I’m currently a first-year emergency certified teacher at Snohomish Discovery – a behavioral school – and I also work as a volleyball coach at Lake Volleyball Club. I enjoy meeting new people, volunteering, and spending time with my friends, family, and boyfriend. Before I enrolled at CityU I was just an instructional assistant in a behavioral school. I was also coaching at that time.

CU: What made you decide to enroll in CityU?

AB: I enrolled in CityU after I realized that teaching was my passion. I always knew I loved working with kids and thoroughly enjoyed being a student, but I fell in love with teaching when I worked for the Northwest Educational Service District 189 (NWESD) as an instructional assistant. When I did my associate degree I thought I wanted to teach, but instead veered toward social work because I realized how much I loved helping people and I thought social work was the only way to do that. My bachelor’s was in sociology and I thought I was going to end up getting my master’s in social work. But once I worked for the NWESD I realized teachers help students in similar ways as social workers, and they get to interact with the students more often. I can help kids in difficult situations learn about social skills and behaviors, and I can become advocates for them, as well as teach them academics! What a treat to do two things I love in one profession. I didn’t want to quit my full-time job or coaching, so when I found the performance-based teaching program through CityU, I knew it was perfect!

CU: What stood out to you about the master’s in teaching program?

AB: What stood out to me the most were the options offered both in school or performance based (online). I chose the performance-based program because it allowed me to have a flexible schedule so that I could continue to do the things I already did in life. I also really appreciated that my professors were still active teachers in the field. They know their stuff and are extremely helpful!

Snohomish DiscoveryCU: Would you recommend CityU’s master’s in teaching program?

AB: Absolutely! I’ve never experienced working with staff and professors who are completely understanding of your life situation and are flexible in helping you. They want you to succeed and gain mastery of the content, but they understand that sometimes things come up in life and you need extra time or extra help in order to complete an assignment.

CU: Have you been able to apply what you’ve learned at CityU directly to your job?

AB: Yes! Working in a school allows me to directly apply almost everything I learned at CityU – and vice versa. Because I’m still a CityU student, what I’ve learned from work I can apply to my assignments. Not only have I been able to apply the academic content, but I have been able to apply the essential dispositions as well.

CU: When will you graduate and what are your plans once you’ve obtained your degree?

AB: I graduate in June 2015! I plan to continue teaching at the school I am currently at, Snohomish Discovery, and hopefully continue to try to make a difference in the lives of my students.

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Published December 15, 2014



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