Student Profile: Alex VanCour – Bachelor of Arts in Management

Student Profile: Alex VanCour – Bachelor of Arts in Management

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Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with Alex VanCour, a student in CityU’s innovative Bachelor of Arts in Management program. In addition to being a student, husband and father, Alex has also been working on launching his first startup company.

Here is what he had to say when we asked him a few things about CityU:

Q: Tell us a little about yourself – where do you work and what brought you to City University of Seattle?

My name is Alex VanCour and I am in the process of launching my first business venture. I have developed a patented medical brace intended for the sports medicine and physical therapy industries that will bypass the user’s wrist joints while performing a controlled press motion. Being a father, a husband, and attempting to get my startup off the ground, City University of Seattle’s online classes were perfect for me as it allowed flexibility throughout the week to juggle all of my projects.

Q: Why were you drawn to CityU’s B.A. Management Program?

CityU is ranked among the top schools in the nation for online MBA degrees, so I figured it would be a good idea to have a bachelor’s in management from a school that is held in such high regard when it comes to leadership grooming.

Q: What made this program different from others you looked at?

Being a father, husband, and aspiring entrepreneur makes it difficult to squeeze school in at the same time.  The online structure at CityU is very easy to maintain a solid work/life/school balance.

Q: How has this program helped you in your career so far?

Classes like HRM, business management, legal issues in business, principles in Marketing, and organizational communications have directly influenced decisions that have been made throughout my startup. Even electives like psychology, and child psychology have proven beneficial in both work and life experiences.

Q: What has been your favorite course, why?

Principles in Marketing has been my favorite course as this provided me the most value toward my career. Learning new and innovative marketing strategies that weren’t around 10 years ago has helped me tap into larger target markets.

Q: Is there anything you are taking away from your experience so far that is surprising to you (e.g. more knowledge about leadership, an increased awareness of yourself and/or what you want from your career, more business acumen, etc)?

The “Legal Issues in the Workplace” course in the Management program has opened my eyes to how many mistakes can be made that have drastic consequences to a business.  It has been good to learn from other people’s mistakes, so that I don’t make the same mistakes in the future.

Q: Was getting a bachelor’s or a master’s degree a goal of yours? If it was, tell us more about that and how this unique program helped you achieve this goal.

Being the first person in my family to graduate with more than a high school degree has always been a goal of mine.  With City U’s flexible online classes, I am able to achieve my goal of earning a bachelor’s degree, as well as starting my long-term goal of earning an MBA after achieving my bachelor’s.

Q: Who do you think this delivery mode – performance-based – is good for? Everyone or just a few? If just a few, who are they?

This structure works exceptionally well for parents, full-time employees, and people who are willing to invest a couple extra hours of their day towards achieving their goal of higher education.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

At the beginning, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to balance work, life, and school.  With CityU’s online class structure, I am able to schedule time for my homework throughout the week; making it easy for me to juggle all of my responsibilities.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Alex!

The Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM) program develops a broad understanding of what makes organizations work, how to build successful teams, how to be a strong leader and how to communicate and manage within the business world. If you are interested in furthering your career, learning more about the BAM, or starting your own business like Alex, go here.


Published December 8, 2015



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