Student Profile: Giovanna San Martin

Student Profile: Giovanna San Martin

“Sigue adelante, tu puedes” (“Continue to go forward, you can do it”).

Giovanna San Martin fondly remembers these words from her father when she needs encouragement in her journey. And what a journey it has been.

Originally from Lima, Peru, with both Italian and Spanish heritage, San Martin came to Washington in 1990 to “study abroad” at the University of Washington. She stayed to complete her Master of Arts in Education at Seattle University and got her Professional Principal Certificate here, at CityU. San Martin describes herself as “a nationalized citizen that speaks with an accent but does not think with one.”

This motto has served her well. CityU is excited to share that San Martin was recently appointed as Principal of Renton High School, as of July 1. This is exciting news!

This new role follows her 14-year career as a school leader with positions such as Assistant Principal in a Comprehensive High School and Alternative School, House Administrator in a Bilingual School, and Assistant Principal/Summer Principal/Director of Operations in Private school.

San Martin says that her “core values reside strongly in the belief that education is the only avenue to a successful fuller and richer life.” She learned this message early in life and it drives her passion and commitment to education, which she demonstrates as a professional educator and a life-long learner.

San Martin is currently a student in City University of Seattle’s new Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Leadership program. She is excited about “gaining theoretical knowledge and practical approaches on how to lead organizations effectively” and improving her career options. She appreciates the opportunities she has had to connect the course content to her work.

The skills she learned in the Strategic Planning and Leading Diverse Teams courses, for example, helped her lead a committee of 46 staff members that assisted her school in gaining IB candidacy. San Martin says that “CityU continues to expose me to current research and provide me with mentorship that, at times, women leaders cannot find in the workplace.”

San Martin estimates that she has over three years before receiving her doctorate from CityU. She appreciates the support she receives from her principal, husband, and program leaders in helping her balance long work days and make perseverance in the program possible.

“Sigue adelante, tu puedes!”

Published June 6, 2013



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