International Student Orientation Draws a Crowd

International Student Orientation Draws a Crowd

We recently sat down with Anselm Chong, International Student Advisor and Inese Woodward, International Student Coordinator, to hear about the success of our recent student orientation.

Students studyingOn Wednesday, March 28, over 40 students attended the Spring 2012 International Student Orientation from countries including: China, Indonesia, Thailand, Gabon, Hong Kong, India, Brazil, Nepal, Pakistan, Slovakia, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam.

When asked what some of the major highlights of the event were Anselm stated that “we had some of the most highly active students with lots of questions who were eager to start at CityU and excited about our future move to Seattle!” Anselm also added that students were excited about CityU’s MBA program as well as learning ways to make changes in the world around them.

Spring quarter kicked off here at CityU on April 1st. Interested in Summer quarter classes? Check out the Summer academic schedule.

More pictures of our Spring 2012 International Student Orientation can be seen on Flickr.


Published May 8, 2012



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