BELLEVUE, Wash. – City University of Seattle and the Seattle Seahawks are awarding Seattle resident Mark Ball with the $15,000 Seahawks Undergrad Scholarship at the Seahawks game this Sunday, December 20, 2009 at Qwest Field. This is the third year the two organizations have awarded a $15,000 scholarship to a Washington state resident.

Ball knows something about perseverance. For more than 19 years he’s either owned his own business or worked in restaurant management. As a single father, he worked hard to set an example for his eldest daughter, all while keeping focused on the task at hand, going to school and growing his career. Sometimes, life throws curve balls and with the unbearable loss of his daughter, he realized that he could have a bigger impact on the world if he went back to school to get his degree.

“The ability to create change for the better is what every human strives for. After my daughter’s accident, I learned very quickly that the way in which you live is paramount. Support and love cannot be bought, but earned, said Ball. “By winning the Seahawks Undergrad Scholarship, I now have the opportunity to further enhance my education, ultimately giving me the tools to contribute even more to this amazing community we all call home. I can only begin to describe how honored I am of the support and opportunity the Seahawks and CityU have afforded me and my family.”

“We are very excited to join CityU of Seattle in awarding the Seahawks Undergraduate Scholarship to an outstanding candidate Mark Ball,” commented Ron Jenkins, VP, Corporate Partnerships, Seattle Seahawks. “Mark truly exemplifies the aptitude and determination it takes to turn dreams into reality. We are fortunate and proud to partner with a fine institution like CityU to award this scholarship to such a deserving and talented student.”

Ball was awarded the 2009 Seahawks Undergrad Scholarship based on demonstrated scholarship, leadership and service, Ball was viewed as the candidate who best exemplified what the Seattle Seahawks and CityU represent.

“Mark Ball has shown exceptional dedication to personal and professional growth while overcoming tremendous adversity. These admirable qualities are what CityU and the Seahawks celebrate and support,” comments Lee Gorsuch, president, City University of Seattle. “By helping Mark achieve his goals, we know he’ll be an inspiration to others. I’m looking forward to personally welcoming him to CityU.”

Scholarship applicants must have completed one year of college coursework or have prior learning, military experience, or credits from the America Council of Education (ACE) or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) to apply. The recipient of the 2009 Seahawks Undergrad Scholarship will receive tuition and books for an award of up to $15,000 to be used at any of the CityU sites in the United States or online.

Published December 20, 2009



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