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New Washington State Certification Requirements

New Washington State Certification Requirements

Effective September 1, 2019

Dual Endorsement Requirement

Teacher endorsements detail what subject areas an educator is qualified to teach. Legislative changes in the state of Washington mean teachers with certain endorsements will require a second endorsement. As a result, many teacher candidates may find themselves paying more out-of-pocket costs or taking unpaid leave from their jobs to secure the additional education and training needed from an accredited college or university. In addressing this need, the National University System and City University of Seattle now offer a Sanford Teacher Scholarship to help cover the costs for students attending City University of Seattle to conform with the dual endorsement requirement.


The following FAQ address the legislative changes on dual endorsement and how City University of Seattle can help:

What is the new dual endorsement requirement all about?

After September 1, 2019, anyone earning their initial teaching certificate in the state of Washington in one of the following endorsements will be required to pair it with a second endorsement:

  • Bilingual Education
  • English Language Learner
  • Special Education
  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • General Science

For the General Science endorsement, only teachers with an endorsement in biology, chemistry, earth and space science, or physics will be able to add the general science endorsement.

For the Bilingual Education, English Language Learner, Special Education, and Early Childhood Special Education endorsements, the second endorsement cannot be Special Education, Early Childhood Special Education, Bilingual Education, English Language Learner, or Traffic Safety.

Why is the dual endorsement requirement being implemented?

The Washington State Professional Educator Standards Board establishes policies and requirements for the preparation and certification of educators that provide standards for competency in professional knowledge and practice. Policies and requirements are based on providing a foundation of skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to help students with diverse needs, abilities, cultural experiences, and learning styles. The latest changes were filed with the Professional Educator Standards Board on March 26, 2018.

When does the dual endorsement requirement go into effect?

The new dual endorsement requirements go into effect on September 1, 2019. Any Washington State certified teacher holding one of the affected endorsements prior to September 1, 2019, will not be required to hold a second endorsement. Those teachers will be grandfathered in.

Who is impacted by the new dual endorsement requirement and how are they impacted?

Anyone earning an endorsement to teach in the state of Washington after September 1, 2019, will be impacted. This includes teachers from out of Washington state who move here to teach. Teachers from out of state will be issued one-year permits allowing them time to meet the new Washington state testing requirements. If you move from out of state and do not already meet the new dual endorsement testing requirement, you may receive a second, one-year permit to add a second endorsement if all other testing requirements are met – giving you a total of two years to meet the dual endorsement requirement.

Where can I get help with the dual endorsement requirements?

Teachers seeking Washington State endorsements can enroll at City University of Seattle. City University of Seattle offers programs for teachers seeking endorsements in:

  • Elementary Education
  • English Language Learners
  • Mathematics
  • Middle Level Math
  • Special Education

What types of education programs are offered by City University of Seattle?

City University of Seattle offers numerous opportunities for those looking to enter or expand upon a career in teaching. City University of Seattle blend hands-on field work with academics in a way that prepares teachers to thrive in a changing educational landscape. Options include:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Education – Upon successfully completing the undergraduate program, students will satisfy the requirements for a Washington State Residency Teaching Certificate with an endorsement while also earning a Bachelor of Education degree.
  • Alternative Route to Teacher Certification – City University of Seattle is approved by the Washington State Professional Educator Standards Board to offer a shorter, alternative route to becoming a teacher. This program is designed for those who have prior experience and want to complete a teaching program in as little as one year. City University of Seattle offers alternative route certification as a one-year stand alone and also as part of a larger Master in Education (M.Ed.).
  • Master in Teaching Program – City University of Seattle offers a Master in Teaching (MIT) degree that allows students to earn a master’s degree simultaneously with obtaining their teaching certificate. This is a comprehensive two-year program and can include online in addition to in-person courses.
  • Master in Education Program – City University of Seattle offers a Master in Education (M.Ed.) degree that allows students to expand a career in teaching by earning a master’s degree focused on a particular specialty, such as Special Education or STEM.
  • Endorsement Only Program – City University of Seattle offers already certificated teachers the opportunity to add to their repertoire by adding to their endorsements, all without the necessity of obtaining another degree. Certificated teachers who wish to include a Master in Education (M.Ed.) while adding a new endorsement also have that option available.

What kind of scholarship assistance can City University of Seattle offer for dual endorsement?

The Sanford Teacher Scholarship reduces the financial obstacles that prevent current and future educators from obtaining a dual endorsement, since non-degree endorsement programs are not eligible for federal financial aid. The Sanford Teacher Scholarship is valued up to a $4,800 to cover the costs of tuition. For information on eligibility and to apply, visit

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