School of Management Dean Presents at Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference

Dean Kirstein

Today, Dr. Kurt Kirstein, the Dean of CityU’s School of Management, will co-present at the Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference happening at Western Washington University. He and others will be presenting on strategies to make online sustainability education more engaging. His co-presenters will include Kevin Wilhelm, CEO of Sustainable Business Consulting and Faculty Member at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute; and Gifford Pinchot III, co-founder and president of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute.

Dr. Kirstein will specifically cover how CityU has designed and delivered introductory sustainability courses at the master’s and doctoral level. In his presentation, he will address how CityU takes its students through a process, first of discovering what sustainability means in terms of the environment and social justice, and then to  understating what specific actions organizations and individuals can take in order to help lessen the problems we are seeing today.

This will be a great opportunity to share what CityU is contributing as it educates future leaders to make leadership decisions that reflect a respect for environmental stewardship and social justice.

Published February 6, 2014



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