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Shaquan Gaither, Associate Faculty Shaquan Gaither photo

First loves: Her Mother, Perry Mason and Matlock

Ever since she was a child, Shaquan Gaither knew she wanted to pursue a legal career. She was impressed by the investigative skills and courtroom presentations of television lawyers, like Perry Mason and Matlock. Shaquan’s mother encouraged her to follow her dream.

Helping Others Through Interpreting the Law

Shaquan believes that the law touches many aspects of our lives, and, more importantly, being knowledgeable about laws can help individuals as well as businesses to thrive. Rules and regulations help maintain a peaceful and orderly society. Shaquan’s main career goal is helping others; that’s why she is passionate about practicing law.

Using Her Passion to Teach

For over 10 years, Shaquan has taught law courses mostly to undergraduate students.  She works for several colleges and universities and has served on several dissertation committees for doctoral students. Recently Shaquan taught “Legal Issues in Higher Ed,” a doctoral course at CityU.

Shaquan had the honor of starting the Paralegal Studies program at Savannah Technical College in 2006, where she served as its Program Director until 2009. She continues to teach there.  She has been a member of Walden University’s Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee, and also serves as Lead Faculty at Walden University, helping to ensure that fellow colleagues comply with University policies and requirements with regard to teaching and grading.

Licensed Attorney and Teacher

Shaquan is a graduate of the University of Baltimore Law School and School of Business where she earned a law degree and an MBA. After graduating from law school, she clerked for a Circuit Court Judge in Baltimore, Maryland, and then entered private practice, primarily handling civil cases. Shaquan is an attorney licensed to practice in Georgia and Maryland.

While teaching was not her original career path, Shaquan first taught a business law course at Savannah Technical College in 2004. She was encouraged by Dr. Kelly Flores, who first approached Shaquan about teaching, and by her husband, a middle and high school teacher who inspired her with his passion, dedication and hard work. When she decided to step away from practicing law, she started a paralegal studies program at the college.

Living Life to the Fullest

Shaquan tries to live her life to the fullest and makes the most of her opportunities.

She aims to focus on the positive, not the negative, and she shares this focus with students.  Life, Shaquan says, is full of opportunities and challenges. She encourages her students to embrace the challenges and look at them as a chance to be better and to grow.  She inspires them to strive toward their goals and to never give up.

Dr. Joel Domingo, Associate Program Director of the Higher Education Concentration says, Shaquan brings a very strong legal background to the classroom, which, coupled with her commitment to teaching excellence, results in an outstanding student experience.   Shaquan has an exceptional ability to help students apply the most complex legal concepts into the context of their everyday lives.

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Published October 10, 2016



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