Creating Positive Change in the Pacific Northwest

City University of Seattle leads the Pacific Northwest advancement of two research-based Pre-K-12 education programs — Sanford Harmony and Sanford Inspire — overseen by National University’s Sanford Education Center.

As the only university implementing both programs, CityU will assist the Sanford Education Collaborative in furthering research around the Inspire and Harmony programs. This initiative supports CityU’s mission to change lives for good through education and will help fulfill the Albright School of Education’s vision to promote a strengths-based learning approach in classrooms led by professional, caring, and competent practitioners.

Sanford Harmony

Sanford Harmony is a research-based social emotional learning program that promotes positive peer relations among students through lessons and activities that encourage communication, collaboration, and mutual respect with the goal of improving adult relationships staring at childhood.

Available at no cost to schools and organizations, the program has been recognized as a quality SELect program by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), the nation’s premier organization that evaluates such programs, and has also been

evaluated by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Research and Reform in Education.

Sanford Inspire

Sanford Inspire is based on the idea that every child should have not one but many inspiring teachers. Sanford Inspire provides access to research-based teaching methodologies and on- demand, self-guided online courses and videos. Designed to support inspiring classroom environments, the resources are available at no cost to teachers, schools, districts, and schools of education to motivate and encourage children to be enthusiastic, active learners.

Sanford Inspire envisions an education system where inspired teaching represents the norm for all learning environments, and where teachers and schools consider inspired learning a core purpose rather than an incidental outcome. The program’s commitment to achieving this goal manifests itself through highly effective educator-preparation programs, meaningful professional learning opportunities for in-service educators, and high-quality resources for all.

“Sanford Education Programs provide resources so that every child can have an inspiring teacher and learn in a safe, engaging environment.”

-Ben Gaines, Director of Sanford Inspire

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