SAL Instructor Profile: Dr. Hampton Hopkins

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Instructor Profile: Dr. Hampton Hopkins by Dr. Joel Domingo

Dr. Hampton Hopkins is one of our instructors in CityU’s School of Applied Leadership and teaches classes in the Higher Education Concentration of the program. He has more than twenty years of experience in higher education and leadership education and is a sought after educator, speaker, and leadership consultant. Students in the doctoral program consistently rate him as one of the best in the school.

Dr. Hopkins believes in leveraging his expertise and experience to each and every class that he teaches. His expertise is in higher education and leadership having spent over two decades on a college campus and many years writing, speaking and consulting with others.

I have taught courses in student populations, academic governance and ethical leadership. I am now teaching the educational technology course. In each of these courses, I have been able to apply my experiences to the learning environment.

When a long-time mentor at National University approached Dr. Hopkins about developing and teaching in a newly newly created higher education program at National University (NU), Dr. Hopkins took on the challenge and it was through this experience that the opportunity with CityU materialized.

The NU experience afforded me an opportunity to teach fully online for the first time and provided me with training and mentoring as I adjusted to this environment. While the experience was new, it set the stage for my role with CityU. I don’t know if it was my background in student affairs or my many years in the classroom, but I have always been comfortable in the role of facilitator and instructor. Communicating with students on topics of mutual interest provides me as much of a learning opportunity as I hope it provides the students. It is this continual learning that keeps me coming back.

On his CityU experience, Dr. Hopkins knew it was going to be an amazing experience, speaking very highly about the emphasis on faculty training, the curriculum and material, and the continual assessment process before, during and after the course. All these elements made a strong impression on him, especially the quality of the students:

The most impressive is the quality of the students and their commitment to learning. The students challenge me and make for a richer experience – it is where I find the most joy and what makes me excited to log on every day. The attention to the quality of the program far exceeds anything I have ever experienced and it has helped me develop into a better instructor.

Dr. Hopkins believes the highlight of his career is teaching and that through teaching, he learns the most, especially about leadership:

Teaching allows me to remain current on what’s happening in higher education and leadership and, more importantly, affords me the ability to inspire the next generation of leaders. Leadership is influence and I feel that I am most able to influence others in the classroom – even if the students are thousands of miles away.

Published March 7, 2016



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