The Research Institute (RI) is an application driven program grounded in research. We were created to build the muscle of scholarship. Our primary goal is to promote all the ways that scholarship occurs at CityU. We do have a three pronged strategy to do this:

Increasing Research Capacity

Through residencies, trainings, webinars, and more

Supporting the University Research Agenda

Through policies that help foster easier access to research

Showcasing the Research Expertise at CityU

Through working with marketing to help communicate all things going on

In order to increase research capacity within the university, the RI helps to administer doctoral residencies (Ed.D./DBA/DIT) in the summer and winter quarters. We also assist with advising and technical assistance on research related submissions, proposals, activities, and projects.

The university’s research agenda is central to our mission. The RI oversees policies and processes that support scholarship throughout the institution (e.g. faculty activity reporting and research integrity). The RI also oversees the administration of externally sponsored research projects and activities.

The RI is also proud to showcase the research expertise at CityU. Our faculty are leaders in their fields and our students are constantly working on new research projects. The RI helps to communicate and collaborate both internally and externally to promote research activities and scholarship. The RI also collects and shares research in our Institutional Journal.

What Does Scholarship Mean?

“There is a need for a more inclusive view of what it means to be a scholar – a recognition that knowledge is acquired through research, through synthesis, through patience, and through teaching”

– El Boyer, “Scholarship Reconsidered” (1990)

Dissonance Between Faculty Activity and Expectations

  • What faculty “do” isn’t necessarily what they are rewarded for by the university; the work life for faculty has changed to include different obligations.

Teaching is Central to the Mission of Faculty

  • Even at “research institutions,” interacting with students was important and not secondary to research.

Academia Needs to Shift the Paradigm

  • In the pursuit of knowledge, institutions had forgotten about the importance of service and teaching.

Using Boyer’s Four Domains of Scholarship, we are teaching what is called Pedagogically Focused. The goal is to find ways to develop effective practices that achieve optimal learning.

Who We Are

Dr. Joel Domingo


Dr. Abigail (Abi) Nubla-Kung

Dissertation Director

Dr. Mary Dereshiwsky

Lead Methodologist and Institutional Reviewer


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