Reflect on Leaders in Your Life

Reflect on Leaders in Your Life

Written by Greg Price

Leader Greg PriceTake a moment to reflect on your life…., visualize those individuals from your past who have made a difference…… Now, consider their impact they have had in your professional growth and personal development. From this visualizing process, what you are capturing is leadership.

Continue this process of self-reflection. Ask yourself, “Where I be today if I didn’t have leaders to look up to or people who helped me along the way?” Those who helped you were leaders. Did you play ball as a kid; maybe you were involved in dance, or some other routine activity. Do you remember your coach? That person was a community leader.

Now, recall a professor in one of your classes. Identify a special instructor you remember. What was it about that instructor that you remember? This person was an academic leader.

Finally, think about the bosses you’ve had over the years. Which boss or manager stands out who supported your ideas, listened to you, or helped bring the best out of you? This person was a business leader.

Why Leadership Makes a Difference- but you would never know it

From this preceding example of self-reflection, it is easy to see that leadership permeates every facet of human life. Though historically, events are typically focused only on the individual, the deed, the date, and the outcome. This is true in math, music, medicine, sociology, business, and science as historical events focus on ‘what’ the individual accomplished. The story told is the historical account and learning about these historical accounts is what is remembered.

What is often not included in the delivery of these historical messages is the story about the individual’s effects on their followers on a daily basis that led to such greatness or discovery – this would be considered the bones of leadership.

Thus, even though people may acknowledge the greatness of an individual for what the person did, the actual behavior that lead them to accomplish history as they did is often not told in the story. These ongoing leadership behaviors such as caring for their followers, long term planning and vision, a drive to create something new in the world, these character elements of leadership are the daily mechanics of leadership that helped them achieve success in the challenge for which the individuals are known.

Leadership…. it’s what moves the human race forward.

Greg Price is the Associate Program Director for the Master of Arts in Leadership program at CityU’s School of Applied Leadership.

Published November 3, 2014



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