Randy Brown: Flipping Your Classroom

Randy Brown: Flipping Your Classroom

On Thursday, April 25, Monroe School District teacher Randy Brown discussed the positive impact of flipping your classroom, and how his non-traditional presentation methods have helped foster student learning.

Randy, a winner of the Stanley McNaughton Award (the highest offered by the prestigious KCTS Golden Apple program)  flips traditional lecture-style education on its head. In an effort to better reach students, he records his lessons and plays them back for half of his 26-person class, while simultaneously providing personalized instruction for the other half. The result is a classroom with two teachers: the digital Randy Brown, who engages students through a medium they understand, and the real-life Randy Brown, who’s available to provide one-on-one support for his class. 

This is the second presentation in the Washington Educators Innovation Network (WEIN), a series of presentations highlighting innovative teaching methodologies being employed by outstanding educators! These presentations cover everything from classroom management to enhanced curriculum, and are designed to promote instances of successful classroom innovation taking place in Washington.

Watch Randy’s presentation below, and stay tuned for the next WEIN presentation:

Published May 2, 2014



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