Provost, Deans and others publish Innovations in Teaching Adults

51wscIc4ECL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_This week, City University of Seattle published its second book in the series Proven Practices in Higher Education. The latest iteration is titled, Innovations in Teaching Adults. This book is published as higher education faces a rapidly changing landscape.

Gone are the days of spending four years in a traditional classroom-based university program. Today, most students work while they complete their degrees.  They often expect to pay lower tuition and complete their programs in a shorter amount of time. To meet students’ needs and 21st Century demands, a myriad of integrated educational technologies have been created and are evolving modes of classroom delivery and learning opportunities. These new ways of delivery are enriching students’ experiences online and are enabling learners to apply what they have learned professionally, and at times get college credit for it.

As students’ needs change, so should instruction. As a response to needed change, City University of Seattle hosted a Teaching and Learning Conference in 2013 and compiled papers around innovative methods in adult education. The papers collected in Innovations in Teaching Adults were presented at this conference and later compiled into an edited book. Chapters in the book address:

Within Innovation in Teaching Adults – Dr. Kurt Kirstein, Dr. Craig Schieber, Dr. Kelly Flores, and Dr. Steven Olswang – have gathered 14 specific instructional strategies that faculty at universities around the world can use to enhance their efforts to educate adult students.

You can purchase this book on If you are interested in attending this year’s Teaching and Learning Conference, and/or would like to submit a paper to present, please visit CityU’s blog here.

Published October 21, 2013



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