International Students

International Students

Welcoming Students from Around the World

City University of Seattle has been helping students from around the world earn U.S. degrees and better their lives for over 40 years. Our mission is to provide high-quality education that is accessible to anyone. Over 40 countries are represented in our student body today and several CityU alumni hold executive positions throughout the world.

Our International Student Office understands your unique needs and questions, and is here for you every step of the way as you explore your options of studying in the U.S.


More than 500 students from around the world attend CityU in North America. To fit the needs of our international students we offer specialized programs, an English Language Program (ELP) and a language-assisted MBA program. According to studies published in The Seattle Times, City University of Seattle is among the most popular selections among international students.

English Language Program

CityU’s Washington Academy of Language offers a premier English Language Program (ELP) to those who would like to increase their English proficiency. A full-time and part-time ELP program  is offered.

Learn about English language proficiency requirements for placement into the CityU English Language Program (ELP).

Undergraduate Programs (Bachelor)

A minimum of 45 transferable university quarter credits are required to enroll in the following programs. There are no exceptions.

Please email international admissions for information.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Systems Development
The Undergraduate Certificate of Systems Development prepares students with bachelor’s degrees for CityU’s Master of Science in Computer Science degree.

Total Credits required for the Certificate: 30 credits

ENG 301 Advanced Composition (5)
ENG 301 is an advanced course in argumentative writing. Students will write extended essays based on documented research. The course will also focus on information literacy, specifically with students’ ability to access, evaluate, and use information effectively to complete a variety of written assignments. Students will gain additional practice in audience analysis, critical reading and thinking, and writing for professional and academic purposes.

CS 131 Computer Science I – C++ (5)
This course provides an introduction to programming using the Standard C++ programming language.  Students learn the basic concepts of assignment, iteration, and looping.  The course includes extensive coverage of objects and the concepts of object-oriented programming.  In addition, students will learn how to effectively structure a program.

IS 375 C++ – Intermediate (5)
In this course students further their understanding of the C++ programming language, applying it to the managed code environment, databases and Windows programming. In the first part of the course students use C++/CLI to create managed code. The course then covers designing, implementing and accessing databases to store large data sets. Students then implement Windows based programs using the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC). Students will learn the concepts of event-driven programming, message processing, and Windows program structure. Prerequisite: CS 131

IS 306 Data Management Communications and Networking (5)
This course develops student understanding of a model of Information Systems composed of data acquisition, data transport, data manipulation, data storage and data display. The use of data to develop business intelligence, competitive advantage, and support business operations through lean supply chains, delivery, and oversight has become an increasingly critical component in business success. Students will learn how modern computer systems work with data across multiple systems to deliver relevant time critical information to managers and workers. Students will gain an insight into networked communications in support of business operations. This course prepares the student for working with data in a modern highly connected organization anywhere in the world.

IS 340 Operating Systems (5)
This course examines basic operating system concepts and principles. The concepts include Operating Systems components, architecture, and management. Operating system management will examine process, memory, storage, and security management. Several exercises and hands-on activity reinforce the concepts and principles covered in the course. Course Entry Requirement: IS 306 or CS 306.

IS 360 Database Technologies (5)
This course covers data modeling, design, normalization, change control, backup / recovery, data dictionaries, client server architecture, SQL, Relational and Object Databases, MS SQL Server 2008, Oracle, and mySQL (open source). The emphasis is on understanding why information resources are of critical importance and how to manage them. The course concludes with a discussion of the future directions of database technologies.

Please email international admissions for information.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Please email international admissions for information.

Doctoral Programs

Please email international admissions for information.

City University of Seattle also offers some of its programs for international students in Vancouver, Canada. Please consult the Vancouver, British Columbia site for more details.

To inquire about other CityU degree programs, please email the international student office.

Application Process

International students admissions and documentation checklist.

Documentation Checklist

Please send the following items to City University of Seattle,
International Student Office, 521 Wall Street Seattle, WA 98121 USA

For F-1 Transfer Students Coming from Another U.S. College

  • Copies of I-94, visa and entry stamp
  • International Student Transfer Evaluation Form
  • Copies of all I-20 forms previously obtained (pages 1 & 3)
  • Copies of employment authorization documents and change of status notices from the USCIS if applicable

Additional requirements may apply depending on program and start date.

Application Deadlines and Schedule

Start of Classes Mandatory Orientation Application Deadline for Transfer Students in the US Application Deadline for Overseas Applicants
Fall/October Mid September September 1 August 1
Winter/January Mid December December 1 November 1
Spring/April Mid March March 1 February 1
Summer/July Mid June June 1 May 1

English Proficiency

All courses at CityU are taught in English, so all incoming students must demonstrate proficiency in English prior to enrollment. Learn more about English language proficiency requirements.

Financial Information

Washington Academy of Languages English Language Program (ELP)

Per 5 week ELP session* $1,600
Per 5 week ELP session with insurance* ** $1,796
Per 10 week ELP session* $3,200
Per 10 week ELP session with insurance* ** $3,590

School of Management Undergraduate

Undergraduate 100/200 Level

Per credit $479

Business 300/400 Level

Per credit $546
Per 5 credit course $2,730
Full-time 15 credits with insurance** $8,580

Technology/ Computer Science/Systems 300/400 Level

Per credit $579
Per 5 credit course $2,895

School of Management Graduate/Doctoral

Per credit $848
Per 3 credit class $2,544
Full-time 6 credits with insurance** $5,478
Full-time 9 credits with insurance** $8,022

ELP Classes/Language-Assisted MBA

Per class ELP 81-89* $870
Per class ELP 80*** $275

Language-Assisted MBA

Full-time 6 credits with two ELP classes (first quarter) and insurance** $6,623
Full-time 6 credits with one ELP class and insurance** $6,348
Full-time 9 credits with one ELP class and insurance** $8,892


Per credit $892
Per 6 credit course $5,352

School of Arts and Sciences - Master of Arts in Counseling

Per credit $740
Per 5 credit class $3,700


International Student Health Insurance for ELP students per 5 week session $196
International Student Health Insurance for academic students per quarter $390
English Language Testing Fee $70
Late Registration Fee $100
MBA 11 $900

*Tuition includes course materials
**Insurance valid for summer quarter 2018 only; increase expected effective fall quarter
***ELP 80 Academic Writing and Study Skill Support is required concurrently with ELP 81 during the first quarter in the language assisted MBA program.

For more general tuition information, please visit our main Tuition page.

Note: Tuition & Fees subject to change without notice; tuition is quoted quarterly unless otherwise noted.

If you’re on an F-1 visa, you’re not eligible for federal financial aid. Students must have an F-1 visa to be considered for private loans, and you may not use a private loan as proof of Financial Ability.

To learn about alternative sources of financial aid for international students, we suggest you look into There you’ll find plenty of information – about financial aid and more — to help international students.

How to Apply for an International Loan:

  • Get admitted to CityU and have your F-1 visa.
  • Contact a lender and complete their application process.
  • Complete a Private Loan Financial Aid Data Sheet/Planner and return it to CityU.
  • Have your Bachelor Degree (for Master Degree Candidates) recorded with the Office of the Registrar. Official Academic Transcripts are required.

CityU New International Student Merit Scholarship

Scholarships in this category are awarded to first-time CityU applicants who have achieved an outstanding academic record within their last school year.

President’s Merit Award Scholarship: $5,000 scholarship, disbursed evenly during the first three quarters of enrollment in the academic program.

Academic Achievement Scholarship: $2,000 scholarship, disbursed evenly during the first three quarters of enrollment in the academic program.

Application Requirements

  • Financial Declaration Form: Submit this form to the International Student Office, selecting the appropriate scholarship option based on your Academic Record.
  • President’s Merit Award Scholarship: You must have a combined grade average of 90% or higher (based on CityU's evaluation of the submitted transcripts for the whole duration of previously completed academic coursework; if the entire duration of studies is unavailable, the Registrar’s Office may evaluate the last year of study).
  • Academic Achievement Scholarship: You must have a combined grade average of 80% or higher (based on CityU's evaluation of the submitted transcripts for the whole duration of previously completed academic coursework; if the entire duration of studies is unavailable, the Registrar’s Office may evaluate the last year of study).
  • For all options, you must be a first-time international student applicant to CityU with the intention of studying on an international student visa (F-1) in the Seattle area.
  • You must have applied for an academic degree program (certificate programs and ELP program do not qualify) no later than one month prior to the intended start date.
  • You must hold an active I-20 throughout the award period.
  • You must maintain full-time enrollment.
  • Once a scholarship is awarded, you must start studies at CityU within one quarter of receiving the award letter. Students who start in the ELP Program must be continuously enrolled in the program, except for approved vacation quarters, and the award will be applied once the student enrolls in degree program classes.

Information for Scholarship

You can only be awarded this scholarship once during your career at CityU. Awards are given on a first-come, first-serve basis by acceptance letter issuance date and will continue until available funds have been awarded. This is a tuition only scholarship.

Applications must be received by the International Student Office no later than the deadlines below:

  • Fall Quarter Attendance (October): September 1
  • Winter Quarter Attendance (January): December 1
  • Spring Quarter Attendance (April): March 1
  • Summer Quarter Attendance (July): June 1

International students must present proof of active medical insurance before registering for classes. If you don’t have insurance or your insurance plan does not meet the minimum coverage requirements, you must enroll in a plan for International Students provided by Firebird International Insurance Group. To learn more about this plan, click here.

Living in Seattle

Seattle is annually ranked one of the best places to live due to its beauty, nightlife, and the career opportunities that exist here.

Living downtown can be expensive therefore we are proud to offer a residence hall for all students who attend CityU. The residence hall is within walking distance of the Seattle campus, and boasts several modern amenities that students of varying ages and cultures would want and need.

If this option is not a good fit for you, we invite you to explore your living options in and outside the city of Seattle, as transportation is readily available near the Seattle campus and can take the form of a bus, train, or light rail system. CityU of Seattle is centrally located in downtown Seattle, within blocks of hotels and public transit which can transport you to and from the airport. If you would like guidance on what the best route is to our campus, please email

Another longer-term housing option you may want explore is called a homestay. A homestay is living with a family here in Washington State. It’s a great way to experience American culture firsthand while you live with a family. Download this international housing information form to learn more and talk with one of our international student advisors.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, and would like to live here first and decide what to do when you get here, you can stay with a host family or arrange for a month-to-month lease. This should be arranged prior to arriving.

Seattle Basics

CityU’s Seattle campus is located in downtown Seattle, minutes from the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Experience Music Project, award-winning restaurants, and nightlife. You can visit this website to learn a little about the history of Seattle.

Here are a few fun facts about Seattle:

  • Seattle is home to Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, Costco, Amazon and several other successful international companies.
  • Annually, it is ranked among the smartest and most successful cities due to the number of people with college degrees and the number of growing companies here.
  • Population: 652,405
  • Average summer temperature: 72F/22C
  • Average winter temperature: 41F/5C
  • Average rainfall: 926mm
  • Average days with snowfall per year: 7
  • Distance to the Pacific Ocean: 0.0 meters (Seattle has 323km of coastline)
  • Distance to the Cascade Mountains: 86km (Snoqualmie Pass)
  • Distance to Vancouver, Canada: (225km)

International Student Office Staff

If you’re an international student who’s interested in pursuing your education in the Pacific Northwest, contact one of our international student advisors. We’ll answer questions, assist with the application process and, once you’re on campus, help with your studies.

Kyle Brown

kyle_brownInternational Student Recruitment & Outreach Coordinator

Kyle Brown is responsible for coordinating recruitment and outreach efforts to international students within the US and all over the world. Kyle regularly travels overseas to attend fairs and meet students and help them understand the best way to attend school in the United States. When not traveling, Kyle enjoys food and cooking, spending time outdoors, and learning new languages.

David Carter

David CarterInternational Student Advisor

As an associate advisor, David assists with applications, retention activities and general administrative support. He also provides first-level support to international students regarding program offerings, enrollments and transfers. David has studied, traveled and worked in China, and he is happy to share his experience with others. In his spare time, David enjoys running, hiking and being with friends and family.

Bailey Craft

Baily CraftAssociate Director of Recruitment, International Student Office

Bailey Craft manages City University of Seattle’s recruitment and marketing efforts to international students worldwide. Bailey frequently travels overseas to meet students, attend outreach fairs, and provide support services to recruitment agents. Outside of work, Bailey enjoys trying new restaurants, watching soccer, baking and reading.

Kristin Fricke

Kristin Fricke

Associate Advisor

In her role as an Associate Advisor, Kristin provides general information about the programs and possibilities available through City U and helps to maintain office processes. She enjoys helping students along their academic journey and having the chance to interact with people from all over the world. In her spare time, Kristin enjoys traveling, writing stories, and spending time with friends and family.

Sima Janka

sima_jankaInternational Student Advisor

Sima Janka provides academic and immigration advising to new students, current students and agents. Sima believes that helping students achieve their academic goals is rewarding and valuable. As international students face unique challenges, Sima is passionate to assist them to transition to life as a student in a new country. She always welcomes students and assists them from the time they consider studying in City University of Seattle, during their study and graduation. Sima’s favorite part of her job is learning about different cultures and helping students achieve their educational goals. In her spare time, Sima enjoys reading, gardening and traveling.

Sophie Liu

Sophie LiuInternational Student Advisor

As an International Student Advisor, Yang (Sophie) Liu’s main responsibilities are counseling students on academic, immigration, and cultural issues and assisting in conducting international student orientations and workshops. Having been an international student, Sophie is excited to share her experience with current and prospective students and help them with the transition to a new student life in the U.S. In her spare time, she likes Zumba, yoga, hiking, and traveling!

Sabine Saway

Profile photo of Sabine SawayDirector, International Student Office

Sabine Saway serves as the director of the International Student Office and has helped international students at City University of Seattle since 1998. She is responsible for the operations of the department, outreach activities and advising students on academic and immigration issues. Originally from Austria, Sabine enjoys learning about different cultures, reading, gardening, hiking and skiing.

Kimberly Valenti

Kimberly Valenti

International Student Coordinator/Advisor

As an International Student Coordinator/Advisor, Kimberly Valenti advises students on immigration issues and works with the short-term mobility and international student mentor programs. She is happy to help international students as they pursue their education abroad, as she studied and worked abroad in Italy and spent years traveling throughout Europe. Kimberly loves learning about different languages and cultures, and in her free time enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling to new places and trying different types of international cuisine.

Opportunities for Partners and Agents

CityU partners with organizations and institutions around the world to further access to education and therefore help students be more successful in their careers in the global marketplace.

Partner With Us

Institutions partner with CityU because CityU offers…

  • An uninterrupted study abroad experience.
  • A network of award winning and top ranked business, technology, education and counseling programs that can be taken online and or onsite around the world, at our various locations and sites.
  • English language and world language programs, which support international students transitioning into U.S. accredited programs taught in English.
  • Short-term summer sessions, which allow students to earn credits and travel at the same time.

If you are interested in partnering with CityU or want to learn more about studying abroad, please email Antonio Esqueda Flores , Assistant Provost for International Education.

Be Our Agent

CityU works with education agents around the world. These agents, and so many others, help CityU live out our mission globally.

Here are a few reasons why agents partner with CityU:

  • U.S. accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programs
  • Quarterly start dates for business programs
  • Integrated English language programs with a new start every five weeks
  • Attractive campuses and locations to study including CityU’s headquarters which is located in Seattle, Washington

If you are interested in building a relationship with CityU that can benefit students please email Bailey Craft, Associate Director of Recruitment, the completed agent application form.

“If you are an international student, you’ll understand how CityU makes life so much easier while getting a degree in the U.S.”

Swati Swaminathan, Student

International Student Forms


International Student Application: All non U.S. citizens/residents applying in the U.S. are required to complete this form. All non-Canadian citizens/residents applying to the Canadian site are required to complete this form.


F-1 Student Financial Declaration


International Financial Statements: International Financial Statement to be completed by your financial institution.


Consent to Release Information: If applying through CityU’s approved agents.


International Student Transfer Evaluation Form: To be completed by the student’s current advisor when transferring.

Request Info

By submitting this form, I agree to the terms & conditions.
By submitting this form, I confirm that the information provided on this form is accurate and complete and I agree to receive email communications, phone calls, and SMS/Text Messages – using automated technology – about educational opportunities from City University of Seattle, the National University System and/or its affiliates. I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time. I understand that if I am submitting my personal data from outside of the United States, I am consenting to the transfer of my personal data to, and its storage in, the United States, and I understand that my personal data will be subject to processing in accordance with U.S. laws. Please review our privacy policy or contact us for more details.