Project Management Degrees: The CityU of Seattle Difference


Whether you’re an experienced professional looking to boost your skills in project management, or a business-minded individual hoping to transition to the project management field, a degree from CityU – bachelors, masters, or certificate – can position you to confidently lead a team while juggling the myriad components of any project.

Degrees in project management are ideal for individuals who have a profound interest in business, but who also seek knowledge about how to effective lead a team, manage tasks and deadlines, and confidently push a project from inception to successful launch. You’re probably familiar with the term “herding cats” – a talented project manager makes herding cats look effortless.

Those with a degree in project management from CityU will find their skillset applies to a wide range of fields, from healthcare to finance to government to B2B and B2C organizations, and everywhere in between, in roles such as project manager, project coordinator, business analyst, and more.

That’s because the skills project managers learn in CityU programs are applicable virtually everywhere, because nearly all organizations need team members who are able to successfully manage a project in order to meet objectives, beat deadlines, and support the larger team’s success.

The CityU Difference

At CityU, we offer courses that go beyond typical fundamentals. While those fundamentals are important, we believe it’s equally critical to learn actionable skills and insights that will help you in real-world situations, the type of situations facing businesses every day.

We hear it from a lot of employers: too many graduates today walk into their first day on the job with a great deal of educational, book-related knowledge, but without the real-world skills necessary to take that knowledge and apply it to the challenges and opportunities facing actual businesses.

That’s why at CityU, we emphasize the mastery of tangible, practical skills that other academic institutions overlook.

Through our flexible course offerings, you’ll learn how to align a project’s objectives and outcomes to the business’s overall goals; how to problem solve and brainstorm possible solutions to business challenges; how to lead diverse, cross-disciplinary teams; and how to prepare for and ace your PMP® exam. And because we know what it’s like to be a working professional who is also attending school, we have a wide variety of options for classes designed to fit your schedule.

The rewarding career trajectory of a talented project manager can position you to achieve business-impacting success across a huge array of industries and specialties; your only limit is your imagination. And with our flexible course offerings, including online, evening, and weekend courses, CityU flexes to meet your unique needs.

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Published April 25, 2016



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