Graduate TESOL Certificate with Apprenticeship

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July 2024
Online and Onsite*
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Earn your TESOL graduate certificate with the opportunity to gain real world experience!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to get paid to travel while gaining valuable experience? Teaching English abroad may be the answer for you!

Learning how to teach is a skill that has many applications outside of the classroom. Public speaking, management, resource allocation, team building, and conflict resolution are just a few skills that you learn in teaching that can give you valuable experience in any field. Whether you are a seasoned educator looking for the next challenge or a recent graduate who wants to experience new cultures and countries, allow the CityU TESOL graduate certificate program to get you there!

With the CityU Seattle TESOL-AP Graduate Certificate Program, you will secure a teaching placement abroad with one of our international partners and travel to your position after completion of a 5 week-intensive teaching Essentials Course. CityU will continue to be with you through your first year abroad as you attend online courses that help you develop your teaching skills in real time. This certificate program requires a one-year commitment.

After the program is completed, students can use their 15 credits toward a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (TESOL Emphasis).

*Summer apprenticeship is completed in person in Seattle. Teaching is done abroad and the apprenticeship courses are completed online.

The TESOL AP program covers the requirements of the Graduate TESOL certificate but requires prospective teachers to teach for a minimum of three quarters abroad after completing an intensive course. The intensive course is designed to get the student teacher ready for their first teaching assignment abroad. This program emphasizes learning through real-world experience and applied Second Language Acquisition (SLA) theory and method in the real world.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the TESOL-AP certificate program, you’ll learn:

  • Major theories of first and second language acquisition and how the two processes are related.
  • Historical overview of language teaching methodology
  • Form, meaning, and use of English grammar structures.
  • Strategies for teaching reading, writing, listening, and speaking to English language learners.
  • Needs-based, learner-centered approach to selecting, adapting, supplementing, and developing classroom materials for various ages and skill levels of English learners.