Total Credits
Mixed Mode (Seattle)
Fall 2021

A Practitioner-Scholar Model

CityU promotes a practitioner-scholar model for advanced counseling, supervision, teaching, research, leadership, and advocacy. Operating from a multicultural and social justice context, this doctoral program prepares students for practitioner roles in counselor education and supervision, professorial roles within academia, and scholarship and research roles within the counseling field. Graduates will lead in their communities through service and advocacy in the profession. The cadre of doctoral faculty support counselor educators and supervisors in their efforts to promote awareness, knowledge, and skills in interacting with economically, socially, and culturally diverse members of our communities.

The Ph.D. in CES program is offered in a hybrid format with the counselor education courses being offered mixed mode (in-person with supplemental online materials). Upon enrollment, all students become part of a cohort designed to foster “Communities of Practice” to learn to work in teams for the purposes of professional networking, group mentoring, and peer support.
  • Counseling:  Provide advanced ethical and culturally relevant clinical counseling practice in a pluralistic society
  • Supervision: Supervise counselors to enhance client/counselor outcomes in an ethical and culturally relevant manner
  • Teaching: Apply learning theories to deliver developmentally and culturally relevant counselor education
  • Research: Inform professional practice relevant to counseling, counselor education, and/or supervision modalities by generating new knowledge for the profession
  • Scholarship: Demonstrate oral and written professional skills for presentations and publications
  • Leadership and Advocacy: Demonstrate professional leadership by advocating on behalf of the profession and in relation to multicultural and social justice issues

Graduates of the Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision program will be prepared to serve in the field as:

  • Faculty in counseling programs (Masters and Ph.D. level)
  • Clinical supervisors of counselors-in-training, counselors seeking licensure, and licensed counselors continuing clinical work
  • Professional workshop and conference presenters
  • Researchers in the clinical and academia fields
  • Professional consultants in clinical-related entities
  • Leaders in clinical, community, academia, and research settings



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