Welcome from President Christopher Bryan, CPA

“Starting is good, but finishing allows you to do great things.”
– Randy C. Frisch, President of City University of Seattle

We are so excited you have joined the City University of Seattle family!

City University of Seattle (CityU) is a special institution. Founded nearly 50 years ago to help working adults complete their bachelor’s or master’s programs, it has grown into an institution with global diversity, mixing students from Washington state, the United States, China, Mexico, Vietnam, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and other parts of the world. CityU students get an education flavored with a global perspective from faculty who are scholars and practitioners. They work in their discipline during the day, teach at night and weekends, and share their current knowledge with students from around the world.

At CityU, we offer you the opportunity to learn the “best practices” that are currently being used in your chosen field or profession. You will also be challenged to develop insight into how to improve the profession by faculty who are dedicated to their field. You will be given exposure to alternate career pathways that you may not have previously considered.

One thing is certain, upon completion of your chosen program, you will be prepared with the skills generally required to meet and exceed your career pathway expectations. It is also important to us that you finish your program of study, and we remind ourselves of that frequently. Starting is good, but finishing allows you to do great things.

We are a global university, and one thing we would like to make clear above the rest: No matter where you are from, you are welcome at CityU, in Seattle, and in the state of Washington.

CityU has a rich heritage as one of the first Pacific Northwest universities to participate in online education. We have an established tradition and commitment to personalized education with highly ranked academic and certificate programs.

As the demands of students and technologies have advanced, so have the wide varieties of learning formats and delivery methodologies that will be available to you. Today, you have an opportunity to participate in online, on-site, a hybrid of the online and on-site, and leading-edge, performance-based education, as just a few illustrations of this commitment.

CityU is also the best institution for prior learning assessment. We know how to take industry learnings, military training, or courses taken at other institutions, and give you credit for that work. You can finish faster at CityU.

Each year, CityU serves nearly 7,000 students worldwide, but our priority is to treat each student as an individual with the care and service that is a hallmark of CityU. It is because of this personalized approach that more than 90 percent of students surveyed feel they have gained new career competencies in their degree program and more than 80 percent of CityU’s surveyed alumni say they had a positive experience with CityU.

Thank you for coming to CityU. There is a great deal of extraordinary learning and professional development happening here, and it is our goal to help you achieve the life you want. We are a private nonprofit university where our students remain our only shareholders. Please let us know how we can serve you better.

— Christopher Bryan, CPA, Interim President of City University of Seattle

About the President

Christopher Bryan was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Mr. Bryan attended the University of Houston’s Clear Lake campus. He graduated from the University of Houston in 1998 and then sat for and passed the Texas state board of public accountancy exam. Mr. Bryan is a licensed, certified public accountant.

Mr. Bryan has worked in the banking, real estate, broadcasting, and nonprofit industries, first in Houston, then in Washington DC, and now Seattle. Mr. Bryan joined City University in 2016 as the Director of Finance and became Chief Financial Officer in 2018. He is and currently serving as Interim President/Chief Financial Officer of the University.

While serving as the Chief Financial Officer, City University’s net assets have grown by 33%. In his role as CFO, Mr. Bryan oversees the enrollment and marketing function for City U’s Canadian operations. City U in Canada has grown by over 50% the two previous years and is on pace to grow close to 50% this year. As Interim President, Mr. Bryan is focusing on undergraduate retention, community outreach, and developing new programs.

Mr. Bryan has volunteered on the finance committee of a homeless animal shelter in Seattle. Mr. Bryan plays the banjo and guitar in his off time and is an avid hiker and bike trekker.