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Students in a work roomCity University of Seattle is pleased to offer a unique program allowing banking employees from around the country to articulate their ABA coursework into credit toward business degrees.

Through this pathway, banking employees may enhance their careers by combining their sometimes-mandatory ABA training with a degree program at CityU.

To see the complete list and find out more about CityU’s programs, visit the CityU programs webpage.

Credit mapping

The following table shows what ABA courses can be applied toward coursework in these popular degrees at CityU: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM), and Associate of Science in Business (ASB).

ABAN-0018 V4, V3 ✔
ABAN-0161 V2 ✔
ABAN-0162 V3, V2, V1 ✔
ABAN-0165 V2, V1 ✔ ✔
ABAN-0166 V1 ✔ ✔
ABAN-0168 V2, V1 ✔ ✔
ABAN-0169 V3, V2, V1 ✔ ✔
ABAN-0170 ✔
ABAN-0171 V1 ✔ ✔
ABAN-0172 ✔
ABAN-0173 V1 ✔ ✔
ABAN-0175 V4, V3, V2, V1 ✔ ✔
ABAN-0176 V4, V3, V2, V1 ✔ ✔
ABAN-0177 V2, V1 ✔ ✔
ABAN-0178 V1 ✔
ABAN-0179 V3, V2, V1 ✔ ✔
ABAN-0162 V3, V2, V1
ABAN-0163 V1
ABAN-0180 ✔
ABAN-0181 V1 ✔
ABAN-0178 ✔
ABAN-1067 V2, V1 ✔ ✔
ABAN 1075 ✔
ABAN 1076 ✔
ABAN-165 V2, V1

Note: Credits awarded based upon ACE evaluation and recommendation for ABA training.

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For additional information, please contact a CityU enrollment advisor by email or at 206-239-4500.


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