Student achieves his dream of starting his own counseling practice

Student achieves his dream of starting his own counseling practice

Deciding to pursue a master’s in counseling can set you on a path toward influencing the lives of others in very positive ways. Although it can be a difficult decision for some, James Voss knew from the start that he wanted to help others and he turned that calling into a degree.

James Voss started his journey to becoming a counselor when he was accepted into the psychology program at Western WashingtonJames Voss University. After his second year in the program, James began to battle a substance abuse problem and decided to get the help he needed.

“I left Western to start my treatment. While I was going through the program, I was able to experience firsthand the material I learned during my time as a psychology major, which fueled my aspiration to become a counselor,” James said. Once he was finished with his treatment, James enrolled at the University of Washington to finish his psychology degree.

Taking the next steps in a counseling career

After he graduated from UW, James knew that he wanted to focus on clinical work, which requires a master’s degree. “I randomly searched the term ‘therapists’ to see what other colleagues in my field did to get to where they are,” James said. “The therapist I found met with me and we ended up talking for over two hours about my goals, pros and cons of the field, and when we talked about school I found out he was actually a CityU alum.” After hearing about the therapist’s experience at CityU, James decided to enroll in the Masters of Arts in Counseling (MAC) program.

“After going through the application process and the interview, I was very happy to be accepted and join a program that had the flexibility to work with my schedule.” Over the next two years, James worked two jobs and attended classes full time, and by the end of his program, James was able to walk across the stage and participate in commencement 2018.

Once he received his diploma, James had another very important decision to make about his future and decided to go down a different career path – starting his own private practice. “CityU gave me the freedom to be flexible with my schedule and I wanted to apply that method to my profession. By having that flexibility, I will be able to work with a client’s schedule, instead of the other way around. If it weren’t for my wife’s support and help building a blog and a website, I never would have had the tools and support necessary to start my own practice.”

When asked what advice he would give others who are considering joining the MAC program at CityU, James said, “It is well worth it. The instructors all have experience in the field and that is a big plus to be able to learn from them directly. I wouldn’t be here today without their guidance and support.”

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Published November 7, 2018



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