We're All About the Finish - CityU students finish at twice the national rate

Dan Morrill
Program Director
School of Management

City University of Seattle recently received a grant from Amazon.com’s Amazon Web Services in Education grant program (AWS in Education grant).

According to the AWS in Education grant website, AWS in Education provides a set of programs that enable the worldwide academic community to easily leverage the benefits of Amazon Web Services for teaching and research.

“The AWS in Education grant gives an unspecified amount of money per college to spin up Cloud Computing services for students to access,” comments Morrill. “When my Web Development students start up in the fall, they will be working completely in the virtualized cloud environment to develop their websites, code chunks and other programs that they need to learn to develop.”

Morrill continues, “The grant will help students to take the time to spin their own AMI’s (Amazon Images) in some of the classes so they can really learn how to manage in a cloud computing environment. Cloud computing is the next big thing; students will need to know it and Amazon just made this tons easier.”