We're All About the Finish - CityU students finish at twice the national rate

In response to the government shutdown placing a moratorium on U.S. Military Tuition assistance, City University of Seattle has declared they will support Active Duty Military applying to CityU and not wait for this moratorium to pass. In the event tuition assistance is not retroactively provided for Active Duty Military who have received approval prior to the government shutdown, CityU will not hold these students financially responsible for classes taken during fall quarter.

As a nonprofit focused on access to education, CityU believes that the education of men and women in the U.S. Military should not be interrupted due Congress’ inability to agree on a budget. Active Duty Military personnel who are eligible for military tuition assistance are encouraged to register and begin this fall quarter.

“It is our conviction that we should do everything we can to support those serving our country. Providing tuition assistance is the least we can do for the men and women who have sacrificed much for our freedom,” said President Richard Carter.