We're All About the Finish - CityU students finish at twice the national rate


City University of Seattle recently structured an articulation and transfer agreement with the Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering (ZUAE). The agreement will help broaden opportunities of China-based students with associate and technical degrees to access and complete CityU of Seattle bachelor’s degree programs in the U.S.

He Bing, ZUAE Vice President, and Fernando Leon Garcia, CityU International Division Chancellor, formalized the agreement in Guangzhou last month. CityU staff members Yanan Xu, Director of China Programs, and Manny Menendez, Special Advisor to the Chancellor, also attended the ceremony on the university’s behalf.

Chinese students with two and three year degrees are expected take an English bridge program at ZUAE and later transfer to CityU’s U.S campus to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Management once they have met admissions requirements. Students also will have option to earn a Master in Business Administration degree later on.

ZUAE is an institution of higher education with over 10,000 students located in Guangzhou. Degree programs include Agriculture, Economics and Management, Computer Science and Engineering and Foreign Languages.