Bachelor’s degree prepares students for success in digital age

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The growth of new, complex technologies has revolutionized the way businesses today operate. Tools including big data and artificial intelligence have had wide-spread adoption, and companies are increasingly relying on them for competitive advantages.

Employees who are able to effectively leverage these tools are better poised to succeed. To empower business professionals, City University of Seattle is offering a newly redesigned Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

The new BSBA

Professionals today need to be able to deal with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity within their business and the marketplace. CityU’s new Bachelor of Science in Business Administration prepares students to do just that by developing them into skilled decision makers who can effectively navigate the shifting business world.

Students in this program will take artificial intelligence courses that are among the first ever developed specifically for undergraduate business students. These courses were designed to be accessible, relatable and applicable. When packaged with knowledge gained from other courses such as business analytics and competitive analysis, students will possess a highly marketable set of skills positioning them for success.

In addition to the foundational core, students will specialize their learning through one of five emphasis areas:

The knowledge gained through the redesigned program is applicable to a wide range of professional settings, and prepares students to pursue graduate programs, such as an MBA.

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Published April 17, 2018



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