Need a Lifeline?

Need a Lifeline?

Like many students at CityU, you may be busy balancing full-time work and family commitments with coursework and the research required by your assignments.  Do you know that CityU librarians are available to help you locate the information you need?  As one part of CityU’s student support services, our librarians can:

As a rule of thumb, if you’ve spent 10-15 minutes trying to locate information online and are not satisfied with your results, it’s time to reach out to a CityU librarian and ask for help.  When you have the right information at hand, it is easier for you to be successful.

The most direct way to ask for help is through CityU’s Ask a Librarian service.  You can chat with us live, send us an email, call us, or visit us in person at our library in Bellevue, Washington. We look forward to hearing from you.

In the words of a student who asked for help using the CityU library: “Wow!  There are way better results vs Google!  This is amazing!”

Published December 22, 2010



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