Natural leader strengthens talents with master’s degree

Amy Doerflinger

An innate curiosity and a desire to continually learn and grow are core attributes of City University of Seattle student Amy Doerflinger. Those same traits are also hallmarks of great leaders. So it’s not surprising that Amy’s natural interests steered her toward a Master of Arts in Leadership degree.

“I’ve always considered myself a leader in any roll,” Amy said. “I was considering going back to school, and one of my mentors encouraged me to do something that I was really passionate about. I’ve always read leadership and self-help information and thought the leadership program was a great fit because I could find ways to challenge myself and become a better leader.”

With a bachelor’s degree in finance and a certificate in project management already under her belt, Amy is further diversifying her skill set by earning an emphasis in marketing.

“I want to be well rounded,” Amy said. “I see myself in a business role in the future, so it’s good to have a knowledge base in lots of different areas.”

Life as a working professional and student

As a full-time project manager at Boeing, Amy was looking for a flexible program that she could work around her schedule.

“It was important that the program be online; I don’t have time to go into the classroom,” Amy said. “I’m not in a rush, so I knew taking one class at a time wouldn’t be too tough.”

It was that flexibility that ultimately drew her to CityU.

“I’d heard good things about CityU,” Amy said. “My experience has been really positive. The professors have been great, and I like the personal touch.”

That personal attention she’s received from CityU faculty members has been especially meaningful to her.

“I just got a holiday card in the mail and it was hand signed by all of my professors,” Amy said. “I like the idea that they took the time to hand sign all of the cards for their students.”

That holiday card wasn’t the first one Amy has received.

“I recently had a baby – she just turned 8 months old,” Amy said. “Greg Price [a faculty member] noticed that I wasn’t enrolled for the summer so he called me personally to check in, and I explained that I just had a baby. A week later I got a signed card from him and other professors congratulating me on the baby.”

That thoughtful gesture really stuck with her.

Amy attributes some of the connections she’s developed with faculty and peers to the amount of time she has invested in her courses.

“Part of being in online classes is that it’s up to you to decide how much to read and interact with your classmates,” Amy said. “The more involved I get, the more involved I feel.”

Plans past graduation

Continuing her pace of one class per quarter, Amy intends to graduate in winter 2018. After she finishes the program, she plans to continue learning and possibly explore new roles.

“I’d like to get into management in Boeing,” Amy said. “I’d also like to own a small business; I enjoy baking and I’d love to own my own café and bakery.”

Whether it’s in corporate leadership or behind a bakery case, given her pursuit of growth and development, Amy’s future is bound to be sweet.

Published December 12, 2016



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