Message from the President – Spring 2018

Message from the President – Spring 2018

Delivering high quality, relevant education to our students is the mission at City University of Seattle. It is the key to student success. Maintaining the quality and rigor of our academic programs requires exceptional work from our faculty and academic support staff. And they deliver.

At the end of March, the university held its semiannual Faculty Professional Development Conference with the theme “Teaching with Technology.” The event included a series of 17 different presentations and panel discussions with topics ranging from “Making Online Instruction All About the Learner” to “Teaching Social Justice Through Technology.” For the first time, the conference was available fully online, making it possible for a total of 130 faculty members from around the world to attend.

Our faculty members’ dedication to continual growth and improvement is impressive, and our students are the ones who benefit from those efforts – for the rest of their lives.

“What makes CityU better than other schools is their online engagement,” said Christina Tkacs, a Master of Education in Adult Education student. “I like that the professors are engaged with the students online. The teachers do care and ask you questions and want to get to know you. They respond to your posts and questions. I haven’t met most of the instructors, but I feel like I know them.”

Our administrative staff are also critical to ensuring our students succeed. Many times, advisors are the ones on the front lines addressing concerns and helping students overcome obstacles. Our advising team recently invested a whole day into training to become even better at supporting students. Master of Arts in Leadership student Will Greeson who just finished up his last quarter had this to say about their work:

“All the staff have been killer. They’re always very responsive and helpful about keeping me on track… Know that there are a lot of people here who want you to succeed. Even if you think it’s going to be a tough quarter, they’re there to assist you and want to help.”

On behalf of all our students – past, current, and future – thank you faculty and staff for your inspiring work. Whether it is learning new strategies and techniques for teaching, engaging and supporting our students, or offering timely words of encouragement, the work you do changes lives and ensures student success!

Published April 5, 2018



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