Message from the President – September 2017

President Frisch speaks to students and alumni in Tacoma.

Jeremy Aldana graduated in April from our Albright School of Education. He is a new teacher in the Franklin-Pierce County School District. He is one of the district’s best.

“CityU has a great program and great faculty, and because of CityU, I’m more prepared than many other first year teachers,” he said at our recent Tacoma alumni and Academic Achievement event. Jeremy said many concepts he learned about in our alternative route to teacher certification program were new to other first-year teachers. “Because of the program, I am not only able to achieve my goal of being a teacher, but I am looked at as one of the more knowledgeable.”

We have the privilege of helping students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their chosen professions at City University of Seattle. Responsibility comes with that privilege. While our main goal is helping students complete their academic programs and cross the finish line, our commitment to support our students does not end at graduation. CityU faculty, staff and administrators are proud to serve as long-term resources for our alumni. That is partly why in 2017 we began hosting Academic Achievement and Alumni Receptions. These events allow us to bring exceptional students, alumni and university leaders together to help connect our CityU community.

President Frisch recognizes a Dean's List honoree.
President Frisch recognizes Dean’s List honoree Anthena Sales in Tacoma.

So far this year, we have welcomed more than 200 Dean’s List students, alumni and guests between receptions in Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver, Washington. We look forward to welcoming even more guests in Everett this October, and at upcoming events in Renton and Vancouver, British Columbia. For our Tacoma event, we had a Dean’s List awardee from Edmonton, Alberta, and another from Vancouver, Washington.

One of the highlights of these Academic Achievement and Alumni Receptions for me is hearing the stories of our Dean’s List achievers and alumni. I have yet to spend time with one of our students and not be inspired by their determination and thoughtful application of the lessons learned at CityU. The work our practitioner-scholars do in the classroom and the course construction done by program directors, produce results that are inspiring, humbling, and exciting.

Hearing of Jeremy’s success in the classroom was not only a reinforcement of the great work CityU faculty do, but also of the determined graduates our programs produce. CityU graduates are well prepared and able to advance their career goals, whether that is in a classroom, a clinic or a boardroom.

To our students and alumni, thank you for choosing to be a part of the CityU community. I encourage you to connect to the strong network of more than 50,000 CityU alumni globally through our online network, LinkedIn group, or by attending one of our in-person receptions. CityU is here to support you, and you might also be in the position to support a fellow graduate some day. We are stronger together. Let’s grow our community and achieve our goals together – from one finish line to the next!

Published September 7, 2017



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