Message from the President – November 2016

Message from the President – November 2016
Randy Fisch, Matt Hanusa and Vice President of Academics and Kurt Kirstein at the ribbon cutting for the new City University of Seattle site at Joint Base Lewis-McChord
President Randy Fisch, Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment Management Matt Hanusa and Vice President of Academics and Provost Kurt Kirstein at the ribbon cutting for the new CityU site at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Improving student success is at the core of everything we do at City University. Our mission to change lives for good through education inspires and motivates us to keep finding new opportunities to serve our students, and in turn serve our community.

Reminders of our mission and its manifestations, are everywhere. During a break of the in-person class of 18 students I teach on our Renton campus, one of my students approached me about an assignment. In addition to balancing work and school demands, he is also providing primary care to his wife who is battling a chronic illness. To succeed in class, he stays up late at night, to finish his coursework. When he stopped me in the hall he said, “It’s not my best, but it’s what I can do right now.” To me, this spoke volumes of his sacrifice and dedication to finish his program. He is not alone among our student body. Our students are hardworking and committed to their education, and manage life. That is why I am so proud that CityU is among the best in the nation at helping students finish their programs and earn their degrees. We don’t make it easy, we make it doable.

I’m privileged to consistently see commitment to our students from our faculty and staff members. Whether it’s finding ways to assist a student trying to get caught up with coursework, or staying late to help a student work out challenges with a class schedule, I see personal attention and dedication from our CityU team. Recently, five faculty members were awarded System grants to support the implementation of their innovative proposals to improve our educational effectiveness and creatively meet the growing needs of students. To improving how we address competency based education, to a math lab to make sure our adult students can handle challenging curriculum, we have exciting, student-focused initiatives at our institution. These five initiatives continue our history of innovation designed for student success.

CityU has a proud history of serving underserved and non-traditional students, too. Our students often face unique challenges and circumstances, so it takes innovation, flexibility and creativity in our programs, delivery systems and student services to meet their needs. One such group that we have the unique privilege of serving is military men and women. Service members dedicate themselves to serving our country, so I am proud of CityU’s investment to help them reach their educational goals. With the opening of the new site at Joint Base Lewis-McChord this fall, we have the ability to connect with and offer services to military members and their families at a place that is convenient for them. It is a privilege and a great opportunity for us to be on site at the base.

As we continue to grow and improve, keeping students as our focus is the top priority for me. While we do have other goals such as developing consistent international programs and improving our financial sustainability, improving opportunities for students has and will continue to be our prime motivator. I look forwarding to working with you to furthering our mission.

Published November 10, 2016



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