Message from the President – May 2017

Dual Degree Scholarship Recipients with university leaders

City University of Seattle is a vibrant education community because of our international students and our international partnerships around the world. It gives students from Seattle to Shenzhen, from Hanoi to Hilltop, from Vancouver to Vancouver, insight into global business and global issues. Our students come from 27 different countries, and the experiences, knowledge and cultural perspectives they bring with them contribute to a richer learning environment for all. We are stronger together, better together.

In April, I had the privilege to travel to Mexico to help President Fernando León García of the CETYS System award Presidential Scholarships to three outstanding students who are earning double degrees: Meizhen Li from the Mexicali campus, Oscar Alfonso Orozco Inowe from the Ensenada campus, and Luis Roman Vargas from the Tijuana campus. While there, I was reminded that City University of Seattle students are amazing people. They take demanding course loads, often manage outside responsibilities, and do so because they have a drive for self-improvement and a desire for knowledge. These three extraordinary students were no exception.

During the event, scholarship recipient Luis Roman Vargas said:

“Many people have said, ‘do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.’ I believe that these words are possible, possible thanks to what we have learned from our programs at CETYS and CityU. If there is something that stands out from everything else I have learned in these four years, it is to love what I do. Both institutions have made the passion for my career grow more than I have dreamed of.”

Earlier this month, I visited our campus in Calgary, Alberta, and talked with students who could not have participated in our Master of Counselling program there if the class meeting times were not flexible and if faculty members didn’t stretch to help them complete the program. The students and faculty worked together to understand and learn. Students there also help associate faculty members provide counseling services at a Calgary homeless shelter. It is inspiring to watch our mission in action!

Students from Vietnam meet with CityU leaders
CityU administrators meet with students from Vietnam.

I was also delighted to be invited to a lunch put on by our students from Vietnam. They shared about their experiences coming to Seattle to study, detailing where our institution has made the experience exceptional, and where it was not so exceptional. It was an impressive group of more than 20 intelligent and articulate students who love CityU, and who want it to be the best it can be for students from every country. To improve, we need to know the good and the bad.

At these meetings, I was struck by what an impressive group of people from around the world we have the privilege of teaching and helping to complete a program or degree. I was also deeply proud of the efforts of our faculty and administrators. Collectively, cooperatively, we are helping to improve the world.

Helping others is a driving force at City University of Seattle, and we practice it around the world. Education, particularly higher education, is one of the best ways to help open doors for others and open our minds to new ways of thinking. Our students are the world’s future, and it is a very bright future!

Published May 5, 2017



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