Message from the President – April 2017

Faculty high-five a graduate

City University of Seattle exists to provide students with an exceptional education, and the quality of the education we offer is thanks primarily to our outstanding faculty. They offer a high caliber of instruction, and still work to improve that instruction each and every quarter. They are good, and confidently marching to great.

Students love City University of Seattle faculty. The most recent end-of-course evaluations confirm it, and you can hear it when you listen to students. They’ll tell you about the advice, support and understanding our faculty members provide every day.

We recognize that it is imperative that the university continues to invest in and develop our faculty, because in doing so we give our students a better, more relevant education and experience. The more our faculty learn, the more knowledge they can effectively share with their students. To keep pace with the world, and with the changing needs of our students, we must all continually improve – staff and faculty. Our faculty know that and jump at the opportunity to explore better ways to teach and learn more about their discipline.

At the end of March, CityU hosted a semiannual Faculty Professional Development Conference with the theme “Techniques for Terrific Teaching.” The event included a series of 23 different presentations and workshops led by CityU’s own faculty members with topics ranging from “techniques to support diverse learners” to “how to create activities and simulations in Blackboard.” Seventy faculty members attended the event while 18 more participated online via Livestream.

I want to thank the faculty who took an evening out of their workweek to invest in learning new strategies and techniques for teaching. I also want to thank the committee of individuals who worked so hard to organize, plan and host the event.

As Arron Grow who helped organize the event said, “At CityU we’re in the business of changing lives, and we do that one degree at a time.” I couldn’t agree more. That is the core of our mission at CityU: changing lives for good. Our faculty don’t miss an opportunity to increase the times we successfully change the lives of our students.

Published April 6, 2017



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