Message from the MBA & DBA Director

Message from the MBA & DBA Director

One author and speaker suggests that perhaps the answer lies in our ability to destroy our goals. Did you read that correctly? Yes, destroy the very goals that you dream about. Bel Pesce, a Brazilian entrepreneur, in her TedGlobal talk reminds us that no one is an overnight success that the goal is really about the journey, (not the end result), and that we must be responsible to ourselves in the end.

Why does this matter? Well, regardless of the position that you hold in your company, or whether you have just started your associate degree in business, are moving toward the third class of your doctorate, or are somewhere in between, we must stay focused and accountable. We will achieve steps along the way to our bigger goals, and those are there to teach us something. Our part is to notice what is being taught and continually work harder, not by doing just a little to get by, but by doing A LOT to be great! Watch Pesce’s video and keep yourself responsible to your dreams as you finish up this quarter and move forward throughout the year!    

The fall and now winter quarter at City University of Seattle has brought some exciting news to share for the ASB/BSBA/MBA/DBA programs. We had a successful launch of the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program, we expanded the Graduate Business Programs Student Advisory Board (GBSAB) to become the new Business Student Advisory Board (BSAB), and held our second annual MBA Case Competition!

The CityU graduate business programs have both ranked nationally again! You will read about the DBA and MBA program accolades below. Great job to our business program staff and faculty for working so hard to continually improve our programs.

Finally, you will read that we have two new program staff members to introduce to you. Both bring great energy and inspiring ideas, which we look forward to sharing with you as we move forward. Please join me in welcoming Dr. David Griffin and Monika Petrova to their new roles!

 Be successful and dream-inspiring!

Dr. Laura Williamson


Published March 22, 2016



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