Message from Dean Kurt Kirstein

Message from Dean Kurt Kirstein


Greetings CityU Alumni, Students and Friends!

This has been a busy year for the School of Management and through this newsletter, and those to follow, I intend to keep you up to date on recent developments.

The School of Management has focused on two important initiatives in the past year. The first is the need to provide a relevant, life-long education to our graduates by offering programs that are directly linked to the jobs that employers are hiring for. All of our programs in the School of Management and The Technology Institute are designed to ensure that graduates finish their studies with the necessary knowledge and skills to land the jobs they seek. Our second major initiative has been our focus on academic quality and, in this arena, the School of Management hit a major milestone last fall by securing ACBSP accreditation for its business, accounting, and project management programs. Having this accreditation provides many benefits for the School of Management and we look forward to a continued focus on quality as an ACBSP accredited school.

Also, to better support the needs of students, we continue to develop new areas of study. In just the past year, we have created new opportunities in the following areas:

In the coming months and over the next year, we will continue to design and offer quality programs that prepare our graduates for jobs in their fields of choice. The work we do is for the benefit of our students and we appreciate the feedback you provide us. Please let us know how we can continue to support you.

Lastly, spring is always an exciting time as our Enactus team gets ready for competition.  This year, the team will be headed to Cincinnati for its national competition and we wish the team well as they represent themselves and City University of Seattle on a national stage.


School of Management Dean, Dr. Kurt Kirstein

Published March 19, 2014



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