CityU hosts meetup with T-Mobile

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Surya Jakhotia
Surya Jakhotia, T-Mobile product owner of Jazz Serverless

The City University of Seattle School of Management and T-Mobile teamed up to host a meetup event focused on how to run a web service without a server called, “Create a Serverless Service in Under a Minute.”

The June 13 event featured guest speaker Surya Jakhotia, the T-Mobile product owner of Jazz Serverless. Surya shared why people should consider Serverless as a building block to host and run their next application, and then demonstrated how to create a website/API/function in under a minute.

There were 23 guests in attendance from CityU’s School of Management and Technology Institute.

The event was a collaboration between CityU and T-Mobile, with the help of CityU MBA alumna Ally Owens, who works as a product manager at T-Mobile.

Learn more about Jazz Serverless, or about CityU’s business and technology programs.

Published June 21, 2018



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