From Music to IT: One Student’s Story to Finding the Best Career Path

Dyan Cubacub in graduation gown The time of COVID-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty for everyone. Whether it’s about jobs, health, or family, it’s been an overwhelming time for all. However, for City University of Seattle’s class of 2021 student, Dyan Cubacub, it was an opportunity to create adjustments and finish her degree. Dyan said “I used to go to coffee shops and work on my homework, now during quarantine, I had to adapt and create a home desk set up. The virus has impacted all of our lives but as students, we need to adapt and keep moving forward.” Dyan’s story, however, began the same way that it ended, with unforeseeable obstacles. Dyan’s educational journey began in 2011 when she graduated high school. “I went to Clark College with a music scholarship and I’ve always wanted to be a music teacher, but things changed when I flunked public speaking the second year.”

Switching Careers: Changing His Career Path with a Data Analytics Degree

Scott Frayo closeup There comes a time during a person’s career where they hit a fork in the road. In one direction, there is a previously unforeseen opportunity, and in the other direction is the path that was planned out. For CityU student Scott Frayo, he had a plan in place to continue to be a scientist for the remainder of his career, but once he discovered his excitement for numbers and data, a new path arose, and he saw an opportunity. “I worked as a scientist for many years and once we moved back to Seattle from Vancouver, I also changed positions to accounting and bookkeeping. I was good with numbers and data and it clicked that I wanted to do something different.” Scott said.

Choosing CityU (Again): Going from Bachelors to Masters After a Decade

Christina Young closeup City University of Seattle started as City College in 1973, with the mission of providing flexible options for adults who are looking to further their education while still working full time. CityU’s mission has not changed since then and in 2007, Christina Young heard about CityU’s mission and knew this was the school that would fit her schedule. “After leaving the Army ROTC Scholarship program for personal reasons, I had to start working to make ends meet and further my career. I worked full time while taking a full load of community college classes, but I had to move several times and transferred my credits to new schools,” said Christina. After going to four different community colleges in four towns and two states, she ended up in Seattle with a variety of college credits. “In 2007, I knew I wanted to finish my degree – I had the preliminary class credits, and after hearing a CityU ad on the radio, it sounded like a great option, since I was still working fulltime,” Christina said.

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