Finding the Right Program for You

Meet Sai Smita Garimella! Sai is a CityU MBA student with an emphasis in Project Management. As she nears graduation, Sai reflects on the MBA program and her decision to emphasize in Project Management. Between the friendships and connections that she made and the professors’ practical approach to teaching, Sai believes that she made the perfect decision on which degree program to pursue. Watch the video below to hear Sai’s story.



A CityU Student’s Journey

Meet Elena Biermann! Elena is a CityU student in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program. Elena discusses her journey at CityU, including some of the professors who have helped her along the way, the activities that helped her grow as a person, and her favorite class. Her time at CityU helped Elena to be a more confident leader and she looks forward to graduation and using her CityU knowledge in her future career. Watch the video below to hear Elena’s story.



International Student Spotlight

Congratulations to Cynthia Mancilla! Cynthia is one of our international students from Mexico. She graduated this summer with her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. CityU strives to provide our international students with an opportunity to earn U.S. degrees in America and to provide them with an accessible and high-quality education. We are proud to serve over 500 international students at our Seattle campus every year.




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Students in the News

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